Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Healthcare leaders form TRIARQ Health

Healthcare service provider gloStream has announced its partnership with TRIARQ Network, a community of healthcare professionals. Under their mutual agreement, a new company called ‘TRIARQ Health’ is being formed to align and address the value and quality of healthcare to consumers through value-based programming. Here’s everything you need to know about TRIARQ Health. What is… Continue reading Healthcare leaders form TRIARQ Health

Improve healthcare services with gloEMR

Electronic medical records, or EMR, are making their way into doctors’ offices and healthcare institutions all over the country. Because of their benefits in enhancing medical practice, EMRs are the perfect tools for busy practices. And in the field of EMR, the market leader is gloStream. This sophisticated software can take the quality of medical… Continue reading Improve healthcare services with gloEMR

gloStream for healthcare businesses

Healthcare professionals have always adopted high-end technology to provide better medical services to their patients. Whether it’s medical equipment, electronic medical records (EMR) or patient data management systems, they only use the best tools to ensure the safety and security of patients and their data. And when it comes to healthcare technology, gloStream is a… Continue reading gloStream for healthcare businesses

GloStream: Evolving to meet demands

Many health-care practices want to remain independent practitioners rather than merge with larger groups, but in order to do so, they need help managing their offices—specifically, addressing increasing regulation and decreasing revenue. In response, gloStream, which brought you gloEMR, has evolved from an information technology and consulting firm to a performance-management business. Now, in addition… Continue reading GloStream: Evolving to meet demands

Products focus on revenue management

The September 2014 American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) event in Sand Diego emphasizes the importance of technology, including tools for computer-assisted physician documentation, information technology designed to ease the transition to ICD-10, and revenue-cycle management, with many of the new products being showcased focusing on those areas. Revenue-cycle management, in particular, is a buzzword… Continue reading Products focus on revenue management

Leverage technology as a strategic tool with gloCare

In order to become a pacesetting medical practice, you have to leverage technology as a tool to provide exceptional care—and gloStream’s cloud-based and meaningful-use-certified and performance-management service, gloCare, allows you to do that. Unlike competitive offerings, gloCare is highly personalized, allowing gloStream to tailor the technology to each individual doctor’s needs, even when a practice… Continue reading Leverage technology as a strategic tool with gloCare

Bill could increase use of telemedicine

Physicians have little reason to engage in telemedicine because they typically aren’t reimbursed for services rendered virtually – but now two Mississippi senators are seeking to change that. The Telehealth Enhancement Act, introduced by Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, alters Medicare payment policies to cover telemedicine, among other things. Essentially, this bill’s goal is… Continue reading Bill could increase use of telemedicine

Managing the revenue cycle with gloStream

Revenue cycle management is a key driver of progress in health-care organizations, according to a recent Gartner report, but it must be supported by the right systems. As soon as a patient makes an appointment, revenue cycle management begins. But with disparate legacy systems and applications, many health-care providers are struggling to keep on top… Continue reading Managing the revenue cycle with gloStream

Boost profitability by reviewing your clinical processes

Ensuring you are paid for the important work that you do is a significant challenge for most practices—but you can solve it by maintaining control over the entire revenue cycle. The problem is, with ICD-10 regulations that’s only going to get harder. And, payer reforms affecting how insurance companies pay out, and how much, are… Continue reading Boost profitability by reviewing your clinical processes

We’re ready for ICD-10

President Obama has authorized yet another delay in the implementation of ICD-10 after the Senate approved the measure as part of the Sustainable Growth Rate legislation on April 1. To IT vendors who haven’t prepared for the transition, the delay is a relief – but to us at gloStream, it’s a disappointment, as we had… Continue reading We’re ready for ICD-10