Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Improve healthcare services with gloEMR

Electronic medical records, or EMR, are making their way into doctors’ offices and healthcare institutions all over the country. Because of their benefits in enhancing medical practice, EMRs are the perfect tools for busy practices. And in the field of EMR, the market leader is gloStream. This sophisticated software can take the quality of medical… Continue reading Improve healthcare services with gloEMR

GloStream: Evolving to meet demands

Many health-care practices want to remain independent practitioners rather than merge with larger groups, but in order to do so, they need help managing their offices—specifically, addressing increasing regulation and decreasing revenue. In response, gloStream, which brought you gloEMR, has evolved from an information technology and consulting firm to a performance-management business. Now, in addition… Continue reading GloStream: Evolving to meet demands

Boost profitability by reviewing your clinical processes

Ensuring you are paid for the important work that you do is a significant challenge for most practices—but you can solve it by maintaining control over the entire revenue cycle. The problem is, with ICD-10 regulations that’s only going to get harder. And, payer reforms affecting how insurance companies pay out, and how much, are… Continue reading Boost profitability by reviewing your clinical processes

Meaningful-use incentives top $19 billion

More and more health-care providers are going digital, if meaningful-use reimbursements are any indication. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is reporting that it has disbursed more than $19 billion in reimbursement incentives. That’s in keeping with a September 2012 prediction from the former national coordinator for health information technology, who said the… Continue reading Meaningful-use incentives top $19 billion