Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Boost profitability by reviewing your clinical processes

gloStream_June06_AEnsuring you are paid for the important work that you do is a significant challenge for most practices—but you can solve it by maintaining control over the entire revenue cycle.

The problem is, with ICD-10 regulations that’s only going to get harder. And, payer reforms affecting how insurance companies pay out, and how much, are significantly changing revenue streams. To survive, health-care providers need to ensure that they are able to maximize revenue.

gloStream can help. gloStream has an expansive team of billing and coding experts who are already familiar with the ICD-10 coding system. That team will scrutinize all of your claims before they are sent to payers. They will handle any necessary disputes. They will resubmit claims as necessary. And, they will handle your accounts receivable. Our goal: None of your claims goes uncollected.

Revenue cycle management with gloStream is affordable, with no large upfront costs. It’s also easy to set up, thanks to our cloud-based performance management technology, which allows for easy onboarding. And, we’re incentivized to collect more on your behalf, because we only get paid after you do (a percentage of collections).