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4 ways to boost productivity with technology

Does it seem like everyday another PC breaks down or your IT contractor interrupts you with questions about your software budget? In today’s world, technology shouldn’t be slowing down your business, it should be speeding it up. If it’s not helping you, it’s time to admit you have a problem before your employees organize an […]

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4 technology ideas for more productivity

Small to medium size businesses and startups have always had to squeeze the most they can out of a small team. But with every business trying to gain a foothold in the market and costs on the rise, productivity is more important than ever. Doing more with less is not an option anymore, it’s a […]

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4 ways technology can foster productivity

We all know technology is evolving rapidly – at times it can feel like software companies release a new update each week. It can be exhausting to keep up. But when it comes to business, technology is either helping your company to succeed or holding it back from doing better things. To make life easier, […]

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Why you need to know about the Poweliks threat

Most of us have suffered the horrors of a computer virus at some point, and we know the damage that can be caused by these security infections. Our work gets disrupted as IT systems go down and, if we’re really unlucky, sensitive and valuable data might be lost or even leaked. But there’s a silver […]

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How to protect yourself against Poweliks

Think your security is taken care of with a frequent anti-virus scan? Think again. While we’ve all become used to the idea that viruses, worms and other malware – however much disruption and damage they cause to our systems – can be detected and removed thanks to the tracks they leave as they create havoc, […]

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What is Poweliks and why should you care?

As far as viruses, worms and other security infections go, there are probably none quite as frustrating as Poweliks. While most threats can wreak havoc on your computer system and cause untold damage to your business as day-to-day processes are interrupted by unstable IT, information leaks and data losses, the majority at least leave a […]

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5 Google apps you’ve probably never heard of

Whether it’s checking your bank balance, the weather forecast or a flight delay, we have come to use apps to enable us to carry out routine tasks at the touch of a button and without leaving our phones. The Google Apps suite of programs like Drive, Gmail and Calendar can already help businesses to speed […]

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The five Google apps you never knew existed

We all use apps on our smartphones to simplify daily tasks and generally make our lives easier. As a business owner too, you might already be using the Google apps suite – including Drive, Gmail, Calendar and others – to more efficiently manage files, contacts and processes. But there are plenty more apps with their […]

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5 Google apps you probably didn’t know about

Smartphone apps are there to make life easier, and maybe more fun – that’s the whole point of them. But while you might already be a keen user of the core suite of Google Apps – the likes of Drive, Gmail and Calendar – and perhaps have a few other essential apps on your phone […]

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How the iPhone is making health care easier

It’s Monday morning and your daughter has a stomach ache and can’t get out of bed. You have a full week ahead of you with business meetings and chauffeuring around your son to soccer and football practice. When on earth are you going to have time to take your little girl to the doctor? Not […]

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