Monthly Archives: October 2012

Recent events highlight Mac insecurity

Apple has long touted Mac as the secure alternative to PCs, and to a large extent Apple’s systems have been safer, due, in part, to a smaller number of users. The revival of Apple due to the release of products like the iPhone, Macbooks and iPad have turned Apple into a major player in the […]

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Mac security called into question

In the Mac vs PC debate, there have been many wins for both sides, until recently Mac users have been more or less winning the security debate. The touted ‘security’ of Macs was taken down a peg or two in the early summer with a couple of highly publicized malware attacks that had many Mac […]

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Is your Mac as secure as you think?

One of the biggest computer related issues of the past year has been security. There have been a number of high profile security breaches and malware attacks that have had users and companies wondering just how safe their data is online. Usually, Mac users have been able to scoff at the fact that their systems […]

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