Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Five reasons to choose VoIP

There are many different ways technology can help small to medium businesses increase efficiency, save money or even make conducting business easier. One of the more popular systems that businesses can benefit from is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which utilizes your Internet connection to send and receive calls. If you are using older, more… Continue reading Five reasons to choose VoIP

5 reasons to switch to VoIP

One of the biggest business trends over the past decade is the modernization of business systems. Take for example the cloud, which companies are adopting in droves. There is one system that doesn’t seem to be moving as fast however – the phone. Many companies still rely on traditional networks, unaware that there is a… Continue reading 5 reasons to switch to VoIP

VoIP – 5 reasons to switch

Technology of any kind has become an important business component. While many companies are upgrading servers, virtualizing environments and even implementing the cloud, there is one function often ignored: The telephone and phone lines. One option to modernize older phone systems is to upgrade to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If you are using older,… Continue reading VoIP – 5 reasons to switch