Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Changing the default app on Android

The app is one of the more essential pieces of software for Android devices, including Tablets. There are nearly a million apps on Google Play, and many users have installed at least 25 apps on their devices, if not more. This means that there is a good chance that you will have more than one… Continue reading Changing the default app on Android

Using lists in PowerPoint

Presentations are not easy to create and deliver, and many people struggle with at least one aspect of the process. Presentation experts often cite what you need to do in order to give a successful presentation, with one of the most popular being the use of lists. When you create your next presentation in Microsoft… Continue reading Using lists in PowerPoint

Using Office templates

The office productivity suite has become an essential tool in every business, with many owners and managers choosing to rely on Microsoft’s products, including Office 365. With some of the most popular programs included in Office 365 users can create a nearly endless amount of documents. In order to do so they can rely on… Continue reading Using Office templates

Chrome for mobile’s new features

The mobile phone and tablet have both become large parts of everyday life for many people. These all-purpose devices enable users to do pretty much everything, including browsing the Internet. For many users the browser of choice is Google’s Chrome which has recently been updated with new features which users will enjoy. Here is an… Continue reading Chrome for mobile’s new features

What is managed antivirus?

Let’s face it, technology, while essential, is getting increasingly challenging to manage. Many business owners are struggling to ensure that all of their systems are not only working properly but are also secure. One solution many turn to is the skills and support of an IT partner. These tech partners offer a wide variety of… Continue reading What is managed antivirus?

BYOD or CYOD – what’s the difference?

Our mobile devices have become something most of us rely on, with many of us using these devices for both work and everyday life. In order to accommodate this, companies are increasingly adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. For businesses that don’t want to adopt a BYOD policy, there is another option which… Continue reading BYOD or CYOD – what’s the difference?

4 Disaster recovery trends in 2014

There is always the chance of a disaster striking your company. That’s why many business owners take steps to prevent negative events from affecting their company, often by implementing a disaster recovery or continuity plan. Both of these strategies and the technology that supports them are an important part of business process and planning. As… Continue reading 4 Disaster recovery trends in 2014

What to expect from Apple in 2014

There are many popular tech companies, with one of the most dominant being Apple. In 2013, the tech giant didn’t have it’s best year ever, but it was still a great year. 2013 saw the release of a new version of iOS, new iPads, and even the announcement of a space-age Mac Pro. Many fans… Continue reading What to expect from Apple in 2014

The cloud in 2014 – 5 trends

There are a number of growing tech concepts, with one of the most popular being the cloud. While it can be difficult to actually pin down what the cloud is, many regard it as any service that is delivered over the Internet or a network. Regardless of how you define it, cloud-based solutions are becoming… Continue reading The cloud in 2014 – 5 trends

Email Google+ connections

One of the biggest Google+ trends of the past year is the increasing integration of the social media service with nearly all of Google’s services. In early January this year, Google announced that Google+ integration with Gmail had been increased, with a new feature that allows users to email Google+ connections directly from Gmail. The… Continue reading Email Google+ connections