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Outsourced IT – 6 Misconceptions!

A common problem many small business owners have is letting go. Many feel that because it is their business, they simply must be in charge of everything. This can put a lot of undue stress on a person, especially if they are not experts in areas like IT. When it comes to information technology, one… Continue reading Outsourced IT – 6 Misconceptions!

6 IT outsourcing misconceptions!

In many western countries, the word ‘outsourcing’ is both feared and loathed. The idea of moving business processes out of a company really does not sit well with many. However, for a great number of business owners it is appealing, especially when they aren’t able to successfully manage all processes alone, such as the IT… Continue reading 6 IT outsourcing misconceptions!

6 Misconceptions about outsourced IT!

As business owners, one of the most challenging tasks is letting go of every part of your business functions. It’s difficult to step back from managing everything, especially when you have invested so much time, energy and resources on your business. This can put a lot of undue stress on yourself and your employees, especially… Continue reading 6 Misconceptions about outsourced IT!