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Purchasing antivirus software? Consider the following points

To keep business computers safe from malicious software, finding the best antivirus solution is crucial. You should choose an antivirus program with features, such as real-time protection against viruses, malware or other online threats; cloud scanning capability to detect zero-day threats; remote management capabilities for a streamlined IT experience; and comprehensive reports about system operations for monitoring network activity. Besides these features and capabilities, here are other points you shouldn’t overlook.


While there are free antivirus programs out there, more often than not, these don’t provide the level of protection needed against sophisticated malware. Free antivirus may also contain adware, which can be highly intrusive, as it collects and sells your private data to third parties. To make matters worse, many popular companies offering free antivirus have even begun bundling unwanted software with their packages, all to turn a profit.

Speed and performance

Many old computers, especially those running on low memory, tend to slow down when antivirus software is installed on them. Incidentally, antivirus programs are notorious for taking up a lot of system memory. This is also one of the reasons why it’s not recommended to use multiple antivirus programs.

Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where newer devices don’t slow down and remain at optimal speed even when processing heavy workloads. In any case, you should never sacrifice safety for speed. So, if you’re still using devices past their prime, consider speed and performance when selecting an antivirus program.

Device compatibility

If you’re using multiple devices, it should go without saying that all your gadgets must be properly protected against viruses and malware. But instead of buying multiple security programs for each device — be that a laptop, smartphone, or tablet — choose one antivirus solution capable of protecting all devices regardless of their operating system or model.

Comprehensive protection

Simply put, your antivirus solution should provide comprehensive protection for all your devices and data. It should be able to protect your systems from malicious downloads, phishing scams, cryptojacking attempts, and other cyberthreats, allowing you to stay one step ahead of attackers.

Customer support

Lastly, when scoping out the best antivirus provider for your business, do your research. You’ll want a provider with an excellent reputation and who can effectively protect your systems against new cyberthreats and zero-day vulnerabilities. Investing in an antivirus product made by a firm that is known to push boundaries when creating cybersecurity solutions and guarantees maximum protection against digital threats now and in the future.

For businesses, cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a vital component for keeping your data secure. Our experts can help you select the necessary antivirus protection to protect both your devices and network from potential threats. Call us today.