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Get ready for the holiday rush: Tips for eCommerce companies

With so many eCommerce businesses out there, it’s important that your brand makes a good impression and offers a smooth, enjoyable shopping experience. Here are some ways you can make sure you attract customers to your site and that they have the best possible online shopping experience this holiday season.

Hold social media events

If you want your holiday sales to skyrocket this year, you can hold social media events like giveaways and interactive livestreams. The global social media audience is estimated to be around 4.7 billion people, and most of them are interested in technology that will make their lives better. By holding social media events, you can tap into this audience and connect with new customers while also building trust with your existing ones.

Enhance site speed

It’s crucial to ensure your eCommerce website is reliable and can handle incoming traffic. Optimized loading times not only improve customer experience but also lead to more sales conversions. In fact, for every second removed from 7–15 second loading times, there’s a 3% increase in conversion rates.

Make use of last year’s data

You can use last year’s performance data to help you optimize your eCommerce site for the upcoming holiday season. Get consumers excited by launching a build-up campaign with exclusive products and discounts, and take an omnichannel approach to ensure online and physical store campaigns are cohesive.

Take advantage of marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools are essential for driving sales, especially during the holiday season. With these tools, you can segment your client list and create targeted emails with special offers that will appeal to different customer groups. This will not only help you boost sales but also keep your customers engaged during the hectic holiday rush.

Be ready with a disaster recovery plan

With the rise in sales and greater dependence on eCommerce during the holiday season, losing data would be catastrophic. This could lead to canceled orders, deliveries being put on hold, and customer dissatisfaction. Having a disaster recovery plan in place allows you to retrieve lost information from a secondary save point such as the cloud, to prevent disruptions to your operations.

Review your information technology risks

Ensure the technological safety of your eCommerce site by testing and assessing security risks, maintaining confidentiality, handling customer data with care, and investigating any potential privacy concerns. The goal is to assure your customers that they can trust your platforms. This way, you reduce the likelihood that they’ll take their business to your competitors.

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