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The storage conundrum

Healthcare_Feb06_AThe move to digital technology is saving time and reducing errors, but it’s also creating an unprecedented amount of data that must be stored.

According to a BridgeHead Software survey, the health-care industry generates almost a third of the world’s data, which it says “increases day after day.”

While the majority of respondents to the survey reported their data volume increasing over the past year, only a fourth said they have solid, tested disaster-recovery plans.

The problem: Given the vast amount of data that health-care providers must manage, it’s becoming more and more difficult to ensure that timely backups are completed and appropriate copies are made.

And storage isn’t the only issue; optimal use is as well. A study published earlier this year by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that health-care data systems generally aren’t sophisticated enough to optimally use the increasing data – and it suggests that the problem will only grow as innovations (such as next-generation genome sequencing) become more common.

Practice managers and IT directors at medical practices both small and large will inevitably have to deal with this issue. We recommend talking to us today to see how our solutions can help you ensure that your practice can not only meet existing data storage and backup needs, but also scale to meet them in the future.