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Notifications Center customization

The recent release of iOS 8 introduced a number of changes and features that improved the overall usability of the iPhone and iPad. One of the more useful changes introduced has to be the enhanced Notifications Center, which allows users to quickly view and even interact with various device notifications. If you are using iOS… Continue reading Notifications Center customization

iOS 8 101: Notifications Center

iOS 8 has, like other versions of iOS, added and improved upon features. One of the biggest changes has to be the drastic improvement of the Notifications Center. With the most recent release, this Center has seen a number of changes, including the introduction of widgets that allow users to truly customize how this feature… Continue reading iOS 8 101: Notifications Center

Customizing Notifications Center

If you have an iPhone and have updated it to iOS 8, you have likely noticed the drastically improved Notifications Center. Apple has finally added better functionality to this popular feature and even increased the overall usability. If you have been using this function, did you know that you can customize the Notifications Center? Customizing… Continue reading Customizing Notifications Center

Widgets coming to iOS 8

The iPhone has become one of the most popular mobile devices among business users. It is widely regarded for its usability which stems from the excellent iOS operating system supporting it. In early June, Apple announced that a new version of iOS – iOS 8 – was on its way in the fall, and with… Continue reading Widgets coming to iOS 8

iPhone gets widgets in iOS 8

Look around the office at the mobile phones your colleagues are using. There is a good chance that the most common phone is Apple’s iPhone. Known for its usability and sturdy build it is simply the favorite choice for many users. In early June, Apple introduced the latest version of the operating system for iPhone… Continue reading iPhone gets widgets in iOS 8

Old iPhones – Ideas on disposing them

Every time Apple releases the latest iPhone, there is always a buzz of excitement, and anticipation with many people looking to upgrade. This means that almost overnight, there is a glut of older models on the market to be sold, or simply to sit in drawers unused and gathering dust. So if you are one… Continue reading Old iPhones – Ideas on disposing them

What to do with your old iPhone

Apple is the undisputed leader and trend-setter when it comes to consumer electronics. The company’s iPhones have been instrumental in the massive success that the brand enjoys today with millions of units having been sold worldwide. Indeed, since its inception in 2007, the iPhone has built up a cult-like following with its enthusiasts always seeking… Continue reading What to do with your old iPhone

Disposing your old iPhones

Rumors have it that iPhone 6 is set for launch later this year with pundit’s predictions and so-called “leaked photos” now all over the web. With such reports being published day in and day out, consumer interest is growing at a record pace. So once again, we can expect the early adopters to upgrade their… Continue reading Disposing your old iPhones

Configuring the start of the week

When it comes to mobile phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads are up there as the most popular on the market. Most of the features of the iPhone can also be found on an iPad, though the latter has a wider screen. One of the features that both devices support is iOS’s Calendar. It is… Continue reading Configuring the start of the week

Change start of the week on iOS

The Calendar application is one of the built-in features that comes installed on every iOS device, including the iPhone and iPad. It has the important basic functions that you need in a calendar, including adding events and the ability to share events. Syncing with other calendars is also possible. By default, Calendar is set to… Continue reading Change start of the week on iOS