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Old iPhones – Ideas on disposing them

Every time Apple releases the latest iPhone, there is always a buzz of excitement, and anticipation with many people looking to upgrade. This means that almost overnight, there is a glut of older models on the market to be sold, or simply to sit in drawers unused and gathering dust. So if you are one… Continue reading Old iPhones – Ideas on disposing them

What to do with your old iPhone

Apple is the undisputed leader and trend-setter when it comes to consumer electronics. The company’s iPhones have been instrumental in the massive success that the brand enjoys today with millions of units having been sold worldwide. Indeed, since its inception in 2007, the iPhone has built up a cult-like following with its enthusiasts always seeking… Continue reading What to do with your old iPhone

Disposing your old iPhones

Rumors have it that iPhone 6 is set for launch later this year with pundit’s predictions and so-called “leaked photos” now all over the web. With such reports being published day in and day out, consumer interest is growing at a record pace. So once again, we can expect the early adopters to upgrade their… Continue reading Disposing your old iPhones