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Access Opera bookmarks on mobile and desktop


A typical day in the life of a business owner is no longer spent tied to a desk. Instead, you are likely to be out in the field, dashing between meetings and, in the process, using numerous different devices from smartphones to tablets to laptops. Yet for your productivity to soar, it remains vital that […]

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First touch screen, now visual control


Remember when sending a text meant punching hard on physical buttons on your old Nokia model? That was before the days of touchscreen smartphones, to whose smooth, gliding responsiveness to our fingers we have since become accustomed. But the technology revolution doesn’t stop there. Samsung has recently patented technology that will see touch screens give […]

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Goodbye Internet Explorer. Hello Spartan!


Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera walk into a bar. Firefox orders a drink, and says, “Yo, Chrome, where’s Internet Explorer? Didn’t you tell him to Google the name of the bar?” Chrome shakes his head. “Yeah, but he’s probably still waiting for the page to load.” Sadly this is what’s become of Internet Explorer – […]

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Gain more productivity from your technology


Every day it seems like there’s some new revolutionary technology, app, or update released that’s touted as the answer to our productivity woes. And while technology sure can solve a lot of problems, does it always make our jobs easier? If you take a moment to think seriously about this, you’ll likely agree that technology […]

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How CRM boosts business revenue


There are several factors that contribute to a business’s success, whether it’s a good location, quality products and services or a well-planned marketing strategy. But in addition to these, the one important component that every company should have is a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) system. As a business owner you know that a solid […]

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4 ways to save your business from disaster


The one mistake most small business owners make is not thinking about a disaster before it happens. Unfortunately, when their businesses are threatened with a sudden flood and massive data loss, it’s already cost them plenty of time and money. Disasters can come in a variety of forms, whether as a result of natural causes […]

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Google Calendar update for Android app

Daily planner with the entry Change Insurance

There is good news in store if you’re an Android user who relies on the scheduling power of Google Calendar to keep your life in order. A recent update has brought significant improvements to the user experience of the Android version of the Google Calendar app, meaning you can now further reap the organizational and […]

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Show up in Google search results more easily


Want to know a great way to get more business? Google search results. Show up at the top of the list, and you’ll find yourself with more customers and doing less marketing leg work. Sounds wonderful, but how do you make this happen? If your business is buried on page three or beyond in search, […]

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Facebook page likes dropped? Here’s why


If you use a Facebook page to promote your business online, you’ll know that your like count – the number of users who have liked your page – is among the most critical metrics you monitor in order to understand the reach and success of your social marketing activities. The more “likes” you have, the […]

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Have PC slowness? Here’s how to fix it


Are you experiencing PC slowness? Are you slamming your head into your monitor wondering just what you can do to fix it? Not to fear, there are several actions you can take to solve the problem. First take a deep breath, relax and realize you can fix the problem. Feel better? Now roll up your […]

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