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About the alias feature


One of the most important elements to any superhero is a great alias that protects their true identity. From Clark Kent to Bruce Wayne, almost every comic book hero has one. When it comes to businesses however, it would seem like an alias is less important. That being said, there is a useful alias feature […]

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Outlook Web App boosts collaboration


When people send files as attachments, they’re often looking to collaborate with others for feedback and improved work quality. This, however, has been a time consuming process up until now. For example, when you send an email to your colleague, they must download the file, make their edits, re-attach the file to a new email […]

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Drive adds Suggested Edits


With so many users switching to cloud-based productivity apps like Google Drive, the tech giant has been increasingly implementing and improving features that make apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides not only more powerful but more useful. For business users who have switched over to Drive, a number of new editing features have just been […]

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How Mac and PC differ: Part 2


We’ve explored how Mac and PC differ in terms of specifications, operating system and software; and in this article we continue to dig into other differences between the two rivals. Buying a computer is more than looking into design and specs, but also about models, availability, security, customer satisfaction and of course price. Models Apple […]

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4 BYOD integration tips


As technology continues to expand and improve, many people have come to prefer to use their own systems over their office’s tech offerings. This is largely because many of us have newer personal devices that allow us to do so much more than the computers we use at our office. As a result, the issue […]

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Better data collection


As businesses continue to become increasingly networked, there is an exponentially increasing amount of data being made available to them. While this data can be really useful, a lot of it can also be less so, or even useless. However, you are going to continue to collect data, and in order not to be overwhelmed […]

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Two-step authentication on iCloud


The cloud is one of the most popular tech systems businesses integrate, with many relying on cloud storage solutions for backup or day-to-day storage needs. One issue some users have with cloud storage however, is over how secure it is. In an effort to ensure maximum security, many providers implement two-step authentication. The latest company […]

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Microsoft releases file management app


Files and folders on any device are among the most essential parts of the overall operating system. Many business owners and managers go to great lengths to keep these organized and easy to find. This is easy to do on desktop and laptop computers, but on mobile devices, such as the Windows Phone, it’s somewhat […]

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6 SMB cloud solutions


The cloud has really taken off in the past five years. So much so, in fact, that almost every major business system has a cloud offering. From email to CRM and accounting, chances are good you will find a cloud solution you can integrate with your business. Because of the abundance of systems it is […]

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Coming soon from Google


For tech giants like Google and Apple, it has become a tradition to host an annual conference where they announce new products and services they are working on. Google calls their conference I/O, and usually holds it at the end of May or June. This year, it was on June 25 and 26, and the […]

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