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What’s juice jacking?


Everyone today seems to be constantly relying on their smartphones to help complete daily tasks which has resulted in the need to recharge subsequently increasing. And when you’re far from your charger, public charging kiosks can seem like a good substitute. However, this can lead to juice jacking of your smartphone. If this is news […]

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Types of computer monitors


Most people use computer monitors daily at work and at home. And while these come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors, they can also be broadly categorized into three types. If you are not sure what these are and would like an introduction to the different types of computer monitors then here we […]

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Successful business impact analysis


Business operators know that when it comes to business continuity, everything is about time. It doesn’t matter if you can recover your business activities if this isn’t achieved in reasonable time. But what is considered “reasonable”? This is what the business impact analysis (BIA) determines. The BIA aims to find out what the recovery time […]

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4 Screenshot tips for Mac


At one time or another everyone will need to take a screenshot. While most Apple users are aware that this function is possible, it can sometimes be difficult to take the screenshot you want. If this is a problem you have come across in the past, or if you are looking to learn how to […]

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3 Common cloud service models


A common trend among many businesses is the introduction of cloud-based systems. While the vast majority of business owners and managers are well aware of the cloud, and may have even integrated at least one cloud system into their business, it can be difficult to decipher the difference between all the types of cloud services […]

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Finding files in Google Drive


Google Drive offers users a wealth of features that many businesses have been eager to capitalize on. This cloud-storage and collaboration service is employed by businesses around the world. However, many of us often struggle with keeping our files and folders organized, and thereby finding them when we need to. While there is a search […]

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Putting camera pics on Instagram


Many businesses rely on visuals to sell their products. From bakeries to hotels, an attractive product will bring in the customers and ultimately profits. This is why social media services like Instagram have become so popular. Business owners are increasingly wanting to find out how they too can create high quality images on the mobile […]

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A look at overtype in Word


There is a good chance that as a business owner or manager you spend a good deal of your time editing or compiling documents, especially Microsoft Word documents. While the popularity of Word is undisputed, users occasionally come across overtype when editing and are unsure how to enable or disable it. If you edit in […]

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Android location settings 101


As you learn about the different features of your Android smartphone, you’ll no doubt come across is location services and whether or not you want to approve these. While you might think this convenient feature can do you no harm, think again. Sometimes it’s best to hide your location in your smartphone as this can […]

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VoIP issues to be aware of


Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has become one of the most popular communication methods used by businesses of all sizes. While there are many benefits VoIP can offer, including decreased costs, increased functions, and more, some businesses considering switching to VoIP should be aware of some potential problems that may run into. 1. Faxing […]

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