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Set the day your week starts on iOS


Apple’s iPhone and iPad are definitely in the league of the most popular mobile devices. They come with various features and apps, including FaceTime, which is used for is video calls and Siri, a virtual assistant that follows voice commands. These devices also come with a calendar app – Calendar – that you can use […]

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Tips for better presentations online


There is a common trend with businesses, especially small to medium businesses, of hiring remote workers and also of working with clients at greater distances than ever before. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are creating remote presentations, or using software to present to an audience over the Internet. However, this style of […]

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Common Web design mistakes


Having a website is one of the most important marketing and branding tools a business can utilize. This is largely because visitors will often judge whether they want to do business with you almost solely based off of your website. Therefore, your website needs to be designed properly and look professional. In order to achieve […]

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An easy way to find Gmail messages


Gmail is one of the most popular email services today. It’s free to sign up for a Gmail account, and there are also business accounts which are becoming increasingly popular with small businesses. Every account can be used to access other Google services, including Google+, Hangouts, and Google Drive. It supports up to 15GB of […]

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Improve your Facebook content’s reach


In order to be successful on the Internet a company must always be evolving and adapting. This is evident with companies like Facebook which is in a near constant state of change. One of the most common changes the social media giant makes is to the algorithm that determines what content is shown on a […]

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iPad gestures you should know


There are many current trends when it comes to hardware and one of the most popular is touch. It really seems like almost every technical device is trying to integrate touch into how you use it. From phones and tablets, to computers and even fridges and car navigation, it’s hard to not see touch screens […]

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How to access on your tablet


Microsoft Office comes with various desktop programs, including Outlook, which can be used to access your office e-mail accounts, as well as managing your calendar, tasks, and contact information. It can also be accessed on Android tablets by downloading the app. The syncing of contacts and calendar is also supported. Add to your […]

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How businesses can benefit from BI


Several companies nowadays rely on Business Intelligence or BI tools to analyze information generated by their business. These tools are either installed on computers or cloud-based and accessible on the Web. These applications allow users to ensure that everyone is on the same path with regards to achieving their business goals. The question is, how […]

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Customize Outlook’s search folder


Microsoft Outlook can be convenient to use to read and send emails on different accounts. Outlook is popular largely because it offers the convenience of not having to sign into different email clients to check your messages. Aside from your default mail folders like inbox, drafts, sent and junk, it also comes with search folders […]

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Naming cells in Microsoft Office Excel


Microsoft Office is a suite of office applications that was initially released in 1990. One of these applications included in the suite is Excel, which is a spreadsheet program that is commonly used for data management, as well as for creating graphs and tables. Did you know that the cells that make up a spreadsheet […]

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