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Optimize your social media hashtags


Remember years ago when you first saw a number sign followed by an unspaced phrase popping up online? Who would have thought that hashtags would turn out to be one of the most useful tools on social media platforms today. In fact, different social media sites utilize hashtags in different ways. Take a look at […]

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Engaging Facebook posts for businesses


Businesses have used Facebook to reach their potential customers for many years, and it works well. Whether your goal is to build the reputation of your brand, boost sales, or find new customers, Facebook allows you to do all this with ease. But recently Facebook has decreased the amount of organic reach for pages. While […]

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How to grow your social media fan base


Still trying to crack the code to social media superstardom for your business? If you’re struggling to find strategies that work, then prepare to take notes. There are some integral tactics and principles that have the power to turn your social media efforts around. We’ve got the lowdown on how to grow your social media […]

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How small businesses can benefit from BI


Business intelligence, or BI, is a common term in the business world today. It combines and analyzes data to help business owners make important decisions and strategies. Business intelligence was only used by large enterprises until very recently but technology has evolved rapidly, and BI’s costs have dropped dramatically, making it affordable for small businesses. […]

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Microsoft has launched a new Office for Mac


Mac users have a reason to celebrate – after a long wait since its last update in 2011, the Microsoft Office for Mac suite of productivity applications has been given a makeover. The latest look brings on board the power of the cloud to take Office to new levels for Apple fans, including a move […]

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Say hello to Android Pay from Google


There’s big business in mobile payment platforms, and they are here to stay. Consumers are increasingly attracted to the ease and convenience of Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and adopting these platforms means turning more prospects into clients – and then keeping them hooked for the long haul. Now Google has given the sector a […]

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Choosing the best MSP for your business


Technology underpins nearly every aspect of the modern business process. The problem is that business owners can find it hard to manage technology, and this is where Managed Services Providers (MSPs) come in. Whether it’s software to record customers’ data, network infrastructure management or cloud technology, MSPs can provide these services and much more to […]

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Tips for an effective business disaster plan


Have you just started mapping out your business continuity plan but are having difficulty determining your company’s critical assets? Maybe Jane from IT believes your firewall is crucial, but Don from accounting assures you the company’s financial records take precedence. It may begin to feel like the whole process is turning into an argument. So […]

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Transforming your Android Tablet into a robot

Rob B 900

What if you could be in two places at once? On that beach chair in the Bahamas and at an office meeting in Indiana simultaneously? Sound too good to be true? Maybe not. Telepresence robots are making this scenario more likely than you think. And with the power of the Android tablet, the future may […]

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Making the most out of Windows 7 features

Designer looking for inspiration

Businesses are reaping the benefits of integrating Windows 7 into their IT systems. Whether it’s word processing, business presentations or data analysis, Windows 7 has the capability to perform much more than you think. In fact, you’re probably not using this multipurpose OS to its full potential, perhaps because you didn’t have the time to […]

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