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iOS messaging tips


While it is easy to simply type a message and send it, iPhone’s messaging app – Messages – is capable of doing much more than that. And since businesses today rely on effective communication processes to help with workflow and productivity, it’s worth taking a look at some iPhone messaging tips which could help make […]

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Google’s Custom Search engine


Almost every business has a website these days and many create content on a regular basis. The result of this can be growth to such an extent that some visitors may struggle to find the information they are looking for. One solution you could implement is Google’s Custom Search, which allows you to put a […]

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Virtualization: 10 popular terms


Virtualization is the act of moving a physical component or bit of software from a physical environment to a digital one that is normally delivered over a network. This concept has become one of the most sought after tech improvements of the past decade, especially among small to medium businesses. The only problem is, virtualization […]

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The difference between RTO and RPO


There is a good chance that you would like to see your business survive any future disaster, and any problems that follow as well. While it is nearly impossible to predict what the next disaster will be, it’s easy to prepare for, especially if you have an effective business continuity plan. When it comes to […]

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Facebook Messenger updated for iPad


Mobile devices and the apps we use on them have drastically changed the way we communicate. With platforms like Facebook, many people are simply not calling each other anymore, instead relying on Facebook’s messaging feature. In an effort to make this easier to use on mobile devices, especially the iPad, the app has recently been […]

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Android tablets in the office


The tablet is easily one of the most indispensable devices for many business managers and owners. These highly mobile devices allow you to stay in touch with the office and also work without having to lug around a heavy or bulky laptop. Because of this, many businesses are looking to integrate tablets, especially Android tablets. […]

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About the alias feature


One of the most important elements to any superhero is a great alias that protects their true identity. From Clark Kent to Bruce Wayne, almost every comic book hero has one. When it comes to businesses however, it would seem like an alias is less important. That being said, there is a useful alias feature […]

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Outlook Web App boosts collaboration


When people send files as attachments, they’re often looking to collaborate with others for feedback and improved work quality. This, however, has been a time consuming process up until now. For example, when you send an email to your colleague, they must download the file, make their edits, re-attach the file to a new email […]

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Drive adds Suggested Edits


With so many users switching to cloud-based productivity apps like Google Drive, the tech giant has been increasingly implementing and improving features that make apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides not only more powerful but more useful. For business users who have switched over to Drive, a number of new editing features have just been […]

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