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Microsoft launches new Outlook for Mac


One of the more important selling points of an Office 365 plan is the fact that many subscriptions come with full versions of Office which are always the latest available. For Mac users however, updates are usually well behind the Windows versions. This is starting to change, as Microsoft has recently introduced a new version […]

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Drive updated – connects installed apps


While incredibly useful for many businesses, cloud-based apps like Google Drive have one glaring weakness that really holds them back from 100% adoption in many businesses. If you have ever wanted to open a file stored in Drive using an app on your computer, it can be a bit of a chore to do so. […]

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Should businesses go mobile only?


A common trend in many households is the adoption of mobile devices as the main home phone. In fact, in 2013 it was estimated that almost 41% of households in the US were only using mobile devices. This number continues to grow as mobile devices continue to become more popular. Because of this, many business […]

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New security threat: CryptoWall


In October of last year news broke about a new form of malware called Cryptolocker. This malware posed a particularly large threat to many business users and led to many quick and important security updates. Now, almost a year later, it appears that the second version of this – CryptoWall – has been released and […]

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What is pre-drafting emails?


As a business owner, you probably send out emails pretty regularly. Some of these emails are likely to colleagues who will then send a message to a third party on your behalf. This inevitably entails going back-and-forth between you and your employee. This can cut down productivity and lead to mistakes. One way to avoid […]

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Selecting phone systems


One common technological system that every business needs is the phone. While digital systems like email and chat are quickly becoming the main way many businesses communicate, there will always be a need for a phone system. If you are looking for a new system for your business, there are a number of factors you […]

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What exactly is Inbox


When first launched, Gmail was heralded as one of the most advanced email systems available. Since then, it has become an integral part of many businesses who have adopted Google Apps. Because email has become so important and popular, our inboxes can get flooded and it can often be difficult to find useful and important […]

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Facebook outlaws Like-gating


Facebook, like many other Internet-based operations, has a habit of constantly implementing changes to their platform. Back in August of this year, the company implemented a number of changes to their Graph algorithm, including the way businesses can use the Like feature. On November 5, 2014, these changes came into effect and you should be […]

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3 Main IT areas to invest in


Technology is constantly evolving, so much so that it feels like there is a near constant stream of systems and devices being released on a daily basis. This fast-paced development has forced companies and their IT teams to move rapidly with the times. As such, IT as a whole has been basically divided into three […]

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Small business gamification


For many businesses it is important that there is steady and productive interaction with clients and that they can capture important data from these interactions. While there are many ways to achieve both these objectives, there is one way that is gaining traction with many companies, especially those who want to capture better data: gamification. […]

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