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Feline fueled social media privacy controls


If you thought your Facebook feed already contained enough pictures of funny cats and other wacky memes, then you’re in for a treat. Fueled by increasing consumer concern about the impact of social media usage on individual privacy – which has already led to the growth of self-destructing image sharing apps like Snapchat – a […]

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4 future Android phones in 2015


For Android smartphone fans, the start of 2015 means the release of new products, and better ones too. The world of Android is full of companies ready to respond to customers with high expectations, especially when the number of smartphone users is on the rise. With an extensive range of Android phones out there, how […]

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How to virtualize for newbies


Virtualization…the very sound of the word may have you excited about the new opportunities it holds, or your heart pounding in fear of a foreign technology that sounds far too scary. Whatever the case, virtualization isn’t going anywhere. Thousands of businesses are taking advantage of its ability to cut costs and free up office space. […]

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4 tips for mobile marketing


Nowadays, the advancements of mobile technology emphasize just how crucial mobile marketing is in boosting any company’s profitability. People are increasingly using smartphone devices for everyday tasks, from checking the time to making online payments. As a small business owner, you might want to adjust accordingly, and jump into the whole mobile approach to reach […]

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Protecting VoIP Systems


One of the most important factors for a successful business is communication. With the advancement of technology over recent years, Voice over Internet Protocol has been devised to respond to people’s needs. Yet even with VoIP’s huge plus for convenience, the system is always vulnerable in the eyes of skilled data thieves. For business credibility, […]

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Microsoft’s Power BI is now free


We’re all familiar with Excel. It’s safe to say that it’s a great tool for tracking data. But what if there was a way to keep track of information from not only Excel, but a multitude of frequently used applications and services? And what if you could find this information by typing a simple phrase […]

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New Vivaldi Browser Aims at Power Users


Most of us use various types of web browsers to access the Internet on a daily basis. Sure, there are a number of different browsers out there to choose from, most of which are effective enough. But an ordinary browser may not live up to the expectations of tech experts, who require extensive functions at […]

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4 ways technology can foster productivity


We all know technology is evolving rapidly – at times it can feel like software companies release a new update each week. It can be exhausting to keep up. But when it comes to business, technology is either helping your company to succeed or holding it back from doing better things. To make life easier, […]

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Why you need to know about the Poweliks threat


Most of us have suffered the horrors of a computer virus at some point, and we know the damage that can be caused by these security infections. Our work gets disrupted as IT systems go down and, if we’re really unlucky, sensitive and valuable data might be lost or even leaked. But there’s a silver […]

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The five Google apps you never knew existed


We all use apps on our smartphones to simplify daily tasks and generally make our lives easier. As a business owner too, you might already be using the Google apps suite – including Drive, Gmail, Calendar and others – to more efficiently manage files, contacts and processes. But there are plenty more apps with their […]

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