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Choosing the best iPhone for your needs


Since the first iPhone in 2007, consumers have followed each update and hardware refresh with almost religious devotion. Since then, the number of available models has ballooned to five and picking which one is right for you might not be as easy as it once was. If you weren’t standing in line at 5am to […]

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The three types of client virtualization


According to a Research and Markets report, client virtualization is expected to drive continual growth in the IT sector. Long gone are the days of tedious one-on-one interaction between servers and systems, it is now time to embrace the automated and virtualized alternative. Mainly, there are three options and here they are: Presentation virtualization As […]

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Threat alert: self-replicating ransomware


The worrisome rise of ransomware doesn’t seem to be slowing as Microsoft recently announced the detection of self-propagating iterations of the malware. With this evolution, it is essential for SMBs to update their understanding of this security threat in order to properly protect themselves. Keep reading to learn how ransomware is continuing to extend its […]

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Google I/O 2016’s key announcements


In an age where information is abundant and easy to access, it’s quite hard to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. Luckily, annual conferences like Google I/O 2016 help keep budding developers and tech connoisseurs up-to-date by going through a series of key announcements. On top of that, a variety of interesting products are […]

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Microsoft is hanging up on Windows Phone


For the past couple of years, Microsoft’s smartphones have been struggling to keep up with Android and Apple devices. Although Microsoft sells their handsets at lower price points and are constantly trying to improve user experience, the Windows Phone just isn’t cutting it in the consumer market. So what’s happening to Microsoft’s smartphone business? Let’s […]

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Android’s newest user interface features


The I/O conference is a chance to learn about everything new and exciting that Google is working on, and some of the new Android features are that, and more. Traditionally, operating system updates can range from barely visible interface tweaks to unavoidable features, and these are no different. Read on to see if any of […]

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Is a Chromebook right for your business?


The Chromebook has been on the market since 2011. While back then many people scoffed at the idea of buying a laptop made predominantly for internet use, with the rise of cloud computing these days, it now looks like more of a viable option for businesses. So how do you know whether or not a […]

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Market your business on Facebook for free


Most small and medium sized businesses have a tight marketing budget – especially when it comes to social media. So if you’re looking to get noticed on Facebook, you may be reluctant to spend cash on an ad campaign. Luckily for you, there are several ways you can market your business on Facebook that won’t […]

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6 types of live video to engage customers


The speed and quality of internet connections continue to offer SMBs more opportunities for reaching customers and clients. One of the most recent innovations is live video streaming, an inexpensive and convenient way to increase your business value and diversify your services portfolio. It’s a huge and open-ended service, so why don’t we narrow down […]

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Browser power: 6 great Chrome extensions


According to Statcounter’s April web browser usage report, Google Chrome accounts for over 60 percent of the market share. However, out of all those people how many are employing any of the truly helpful extensions offered in Chrome’s web store? The answer is almost certainly less people than the number of those who have problems […]

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