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Facebook working on new network


Social networks have become a large part of modern communications and it is not uncommon for users to log onto sites on a daily basis. Networks like Facebook are so popular that some business owners and managers are concerned about how much valuable work time is spent on the site. In response, the social media […]

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How to deauthorize iPads on iTunes


This year, as in recent years, one of the hottest gifts for the holiday season is the iPad. If you receive a brand new iPad for the first time then that is truly an awesome present, but you may already have one. If you do, then you may not be able to install apps on […]

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Is Regin a real threat to your company?


While there are many different types of malware out there, the good news is that with many threats we know where they come from and their purpose. Recently, news broke of a new form of malware called Regin that is causing quite a stir in the security community, largely because it’s tough to deal with and […]

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Finding the best Android tablet gift


With the festive season just round the corner, many of us are looking for the right gifts to give. Android tablets will undoubtedly be a popular present this year, as they have been in recent years. The question is: How do you find the right tablet to give as a gift? Here are some factors […]

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Common sales metrics to track


Business intelligence, and more specifically the metrics that support it, is among one of the most important processes a company can integrate. While it can be tough to get started, many companies find success to begin with by tracking overall sales metrics. There are a ton of sales metrics you can employ that can give […]

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2 Versions of OneDrive


Microsoft has a huge variety of programs available to users, and many, like OneDrive, can be a little confusing as in this case there are a couple of different versions available. From OneDrive to OneDrive for Business it is not necessarily obvious what exactly the difference is between these two apps and how they are […]

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Get your business on Google


Having an Internet presence is a must for most businesses these days, simply because many customers are looking online to make contact with companies. While a website used to be good enough, now you also need to be found by the various search engines. For Google, this means having a presence on Google’s various services. […]

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Fixing tabs that don’t work


For nearly every business owner, manager, and employee who uses Google’s apps, the browser of choice is Chrome. Because so much of our daily work and personal lives is now conducted online, it is essential that we use a solid browser. While Chrome is stable, there will be times when a page simply isn’t working, […]

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Essential Wi-Fi router features


There are a large number of pieces of equipment that businesses rely on in order to be able to operate, with one of the more common being the Wi-Fi router. Because so many businesses are going mobile, and using laptops more often, it is essential that these companies have strong wireless routers. The only question […]

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7 Useful Safari shortcuts


As with previous releases of new versions of OS X, Apple has also introduced a number of updates of their other apps too, including Safari. The browser of choice for many Mac users, Safari has a number of features, including keyboard shortcuts, that make it quick and easy to use. If you use Safari, here […]

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