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5 Changes to expect from Apple in 2015


It is time to start looking at what is ahead in terms of tech developments in 2015. When it comes to Apple, 2014 was one of their better years, with new versions of nearly everything being introduced. While it is still a little early yet to say whether 2015 will be the same, there are […]

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Expired antivirus – is it a big deal?


There are many essential pieces of software needed to keep the modern business running, with one of the most important being the antivirus scanner. These programs are a major component in keeping your systems and computers secure from various Internet-based threats. While install rates are near 100% in businesses, some companies have been letting their […]

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Looking at a new spear phishing attack


Take some time and research how companies are hacked and you will quickly come to realize that there are a wide variety of methods at a hacker’s disposal. One of the increasingly common, and effective, strategies being employed is spear phishing. In early December 2014, a new spear phishing attack was uncovered, one that has […]

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What are online backup solutions?


With a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan, businesses need to ensure that a proper data and system backup solution is in place. There are many different ways to implement a backup solution, with one of the most common being online or cloud-based backup. While these systems are popular, there is still confusion over […]

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Change the way Chrome tabs are handled


Android 5.0 is out and an increasing number of devices are being upgraded to it. This version of Android introduces a number of changes, including a new look and a tweak to the way open and recent apps are handled (a feature called Overview). While Overview is great, there have been some grumblings over the […]

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Finding your apps on the Start Screen


With the update to Windows 8.1 offering users the ability to boot directly into Desktop mode, the Start Screen has gone largely unused by many business users. However, you will still have to use it eventually, and some users have found that the tile-based layout of the Start Screen does offer some benefits. One issue […]

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Windows Phone 101: Changing the name


The Windows Phone, while certainly less popular than other systems, is a viable solution for many businesses, especially those using Microsoft solutions. Like many other systems however, new devices all have the same name which can make it difficult to distinguish between them and manage them. One way around this is to rename each device, […]

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Why social media content isn’t shared


Social media has come to play a large part in the content marketing campaigns of many businesses. While creating a solid presence can be beneficial for businesses, owners often struggle to get their content shared. There are many reasons why, but here are four main ones that you should be aware of and what you […]

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Office 365 subscriptions


Cloud solutions have become an integral part of many businesses. If you are looking to implement a new cloud solution, one of the best places to start is with Microsoft’s Office 365. This business-oriented platform has a lot to offer users, however, as with all other Microsoft products, there are a wealth of plans to […]

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How to pin tabs with Chrome


There is a good chance that when you work in your browser, you usually have a number of tabs constantly open in the same window. For example, you may have Gmail open, Google Drive, etc. If you close the window, you will no doubt need to open the tabs again and again, which can be […]

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