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Ways Office 365 migrations fail


Microsoft’s Office 365 is continually gaining popularity, with the number of businesses implementing this cloud-based version of Office growing. Businesses looking to migrate over should be aware of potential failures that this move could bring. To help you avoid these issues, here are five of the most common ways migrations can fail. 1. Slow Internet […]

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Google Calendar’s multiple layers


The calendar is an indispensable business tool; many of us would feel lost without it. Google Apps users have access to the powerful Google Calendar, which offers many useful features. One of the more interesting of these is the ability to layer multiple calendars from other users onto your own calendar. About multiple calendar layering […]

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What is VoIP QoS?


VoIP has become one of the most popular communication systems implemented in small to medium businesses. While there are many different systems out there offering different solutions and features one element you should really look into is what experts call QoS, or Quality of Service. Here is a quick overview of what QoS is and […]

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Email 101: IMAP or POP protocol


For a business to be productive there are a number of essential tools required, one of the most important being email. While there are numerous email providers and solutions, most rely on one of two protocols: POP or IMAP. These are a set of rules that dictate how data moves between systems, and the question […]

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Business apps – 5 Common types


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become essential tools to almost every business manager and owner. Regardless of the system you use, there are hundreds of different types of apps out there. From the simple to the complex, it can be a task to pick the types of apps to install on your phone. […]

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iOS 8 101: Notifications Center


iOS 8 has, like other versions of iOS, added and improved upon features. One of the biggest changes has to be the drastic improvement of the Notifications Center. With the most recent release, this Center has seen a number of changes, including the introduction of widgets that allow users to truly customize how this feature […]

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Diagnostic tool helps your analytics


Most business owners are aware that while having a website is a great start to an online presence, you need to often be taking it further and trying to figure out if your website and content is actually working the way you want it to be. This often means looking at who is visiting your […]

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Facebook post perfection


Businesses on Facebook have many different goals as to why they use the platform, but there is one thing in common that they all strive for: The perfect post. The issue with finding the ‘perfect post’ is that it can be actually quite difficult, especially when you take into account the large amount of data […]

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ERP and HR modules


As a business owner there are many different keys to success, one of the most important being your staff. If you take care of your employees, there is a good chance that your business will not only be successful but will hopefully also operate with healthy margins. What is sometimes a challenge though is actually […]

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New security flaw leads to Shellshock


In late spring of this year news broke of the biggest security issue to date – Heartbleed. Many companies leapt to secure themselves from this, but the fallout from it is still being felt. That being said, there is a new, even bigger, security problem called Shellshock that all businesses need to now be aware […]

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