Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Outlook’s new search folder

Microsoft Outlook is an application used for managing personal information including email, tasks, contacts, and calendars. It is one of the programs that is included when you install Microsoft Office on your computer. While Outlook has many useful features, one of the most useful is the ability to create new search folders which let you… Continue reading Outlook’s new search folder

Customize Outlook’s search folder

Microsoft Outlook can be convenient to use to read and send emails on different accounts. Outlook is popular largely because it offers the convenience of not having to sign into different email clients to check your messages. Aside from your default mail folders like inbox, drafts, sent and junk, it also comes with search folders… Continue reading Customize Outlook’s search folder

Using the new search folder in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an application included in the Microsoft Office Suite. While it’s most commonly used to access different email accounts e.g., personal and business, it also has other features, including calendar, contacts, and tasks. It also comes with a search folder that lets you instantly find messages that fall under certain criteria. Outlook is… Continue reading Using the new search folder in Outlook

Identify Excel cells easily by name

Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop applications from Microsoft, designed for Windows and Mac computers. In 2011, Office 365, which is a cloud-based version of the suite, was introduced. This allows users to access these applications on the Web, including Excel. Microsoft Excel contains spreadsheets which are often used in creating and managing databases,… Continue reading Identify Excel cells easily by name

Naming cells in Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Office is a suite of office applications that was initially released in 1990. One of these applications included in the suite is Excel, which is a spreadsheet program that is commonly used for data management, as well as for creating graphs and tables. Did you know that the cells that make up a spreadsheet… Continue reading Naming cells in Microsoft Office Excel

How to name cells in Excel

Excel is one of the applications included in Microsoft Office, Microsoft’s suite of office productivity software. Microsoft Office applications can run on almost every system businesses use, including Windows and Mac. Excel is specifically used for creating spreadsheets, basic databases, analyzing data, and even simplifying management. Many spreadsheets can be a challenge to navigate. One… Continue reading How to name cells in Excel

7 questions to ask your webmaster

There are a wide number of expectations customers have of many companies, but one of the most important is whether the company has an online presence or not. In fact, many customers now base their decision to go with a company almost exclusively on whether they can find information about it on the Internet. Because… Continue reading 7 questions to ask your webmaster

Questions to ask a webmaster

It’s become almost mandatory that businesses have a Web presence, or at the very least a website. This is largely because many customers now base who they purchase from largely off of whether the company has a website and what information about them can be found online. A common problem many business owners have however… Continue reading Questions to ask a webmaster

Important questions to ask a webmaster

It’s now common that when someone wants to find a business they first search on the Internet, looking for a business in their local area that can meet their needs. Because of this, it’s essential that businesses of all sizes have a Web presence. The best way to do this is to create a website.… Continue reading Important questions to ask a webmaster

Drive storage price reduced

Cloud storage is quickly becoming one of the essential tools used by small businesses. Google’s Drive is one of the more popular options, especially for those who use Google apps in their business. One of the major issues some managers and owners face with Drive is the storage space – it can be costly to… Continue reading Drive storage price reduced