Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Changing the default app on Android

The app is one of the more essential pieces of software for Android devices, including Tablets. There are nearly a million apps on Google Play, and many users have installed at least 25 apps on their devices, if not more. This means that there is a good chance that you will have more than one… Continue reading Changing the default app on Android

Setting default apps on Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile systems available, with an increasing number of business users relying on Android devices, including tablets. There is a wide variety of Android tablets available, which users often download over 50 plus apps onto. With so many apps available, there is a chance that you will eventually install… Continue reading Setting default apps on Android

How to set a default app on Android

Android as a mobile operating system is getting better and better with each successive version. It’s become a viable platform and many manufacturers are releasing new devices, including tablets. One reason for the popularity of the tablet is the app, with many apps often doing the same thing e.g., opening documents. The problem is, these… Continue reading How to set a default app on Android

Using lists in PowerPoint

Presentations are not easy to create and deliver, and many people struggle with at least one aspect of the process. Presentation experts often cite what you need to do in order to give a successful presentation, with one of the most popular being the use of lists. When you create your next presentation in Microsoft… Continue reading Using lists in PowerPoint

PowerPoint and lists

The presentation is an important part of any business, with many managers and owners relying on Microsoft’s PowerPoint to develop and deliver their presentations. In fact, this software has become so popular that many now call digital presentations PowerPoints. Regardless of how they are referred to, it can often be tough to give a great… Continue reading PowerPoint and lists

How to use lists in PowerPoint

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is an important and popular business presentation tool. It has become so embraced that most people nowadays refer to presentations as PowerPoints. There are many elements that lead to a successful PowerPoint presentation, including using lists effectively. While it is easy to use lists, many users often wonder how to use them effectively.… Continue reading How to use lists in PowerPoint

5 useful Office template tips

Microsoft’s Office 365 is one of the most popular office suites available, and will no doubt continue to grow in popularity in the foreseeable future. Businesses who subscribe gain access to the popular Microsoft Office programs, all of which have a number of useful functions. Take for example, templates, which offer a great way to… Continue reading 5 useful Office template tips

Using Office templates

The office productivity suite has become an essential tool in every business, with many owners and managers choosing to rely on Microsoft’s products, including Office 365. With some of the most popular programs included in Office 365 users can create a nearly endless amount of documents. In order to do so they can rely on… Continue reading Using Office templates

5 tips on Office’s templates

Microsoft has a number of popular programs, with one of the most favored being Office and its cloud based version, Office 365. The programs that are included in Office 365 Business subscriptions have a variety of useful features and functions. An example of this are the templates, which when used correctly can really help business… Continue reading 5 tips on Office’s templates

Chrome for mobile’s new features

The mobile phone and tablet have both become large parts of everyday life for many people. These all-purpose devices enable users to do pretty much everything, including browsing the Internet. For many users the browser of choice is Google’s Chrome which has recently been updated with new features which users will enjoy. Here is an… Continue reading Chrome for mobile’s new features