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Your guide to smart BI planning

You have finally decided your small or medium-sized business is ready to utilize Business Intelligence (BI) software. This is a big step for your company and one that must be approached with diligence. If you are not careful the cost of BI software, not to mention training, could far outweigh the actual benefits you end […]

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Tips for smart BI planning

Implementing Business Intelligence (BI) software and other tools can help your company grown by leaps and bounds. However, it has to be planned for with the proper level of diligence and care to truly be beneficial to your business. Haphazardly installing BI software can result in an expensive misstep that sees you fall behind the […]

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Why you should plan for BI wisely


Business Intelligence (BI) software has helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses around the globe increase profits and improve efficiency. If you think your business will enjoy similar success by simply installing some software you are sorely mistaken. You must plan BI implementation wisely in order to see the results you want. Here are a […]

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Is Your EMR as Simple as gloEMR?

A number of outside influences tend to affect attitudes around electronic medical record (EMR) implementation and training. We’ve come to expect our technology to be plug-and-play, thanks to the era of Windows and the Apple computer. But EMRs may be more complicated. EMRs are more complicated than other technologies because they exist in a complicated […]

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Six Ways ERP Software Will Make Your Employees Happier

As the leader of a growing company, you probably know that you need to replace your QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting system with a true ERP system. But the investment of time and money that you and the entire organization will need to make feels overwhelming. Your team already does more than ever, and asking them […]

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