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About net neutrality

One of the most popular tech related themes many news outlets are reporting on these days is the ‘net neutrality’. Over the past month or two it has become one of the biggest hot-button topics. While net neutrality is fairly important for anyone who uses the Internet today, so few people are actually aware of… Continue reading About net neutrality

Net neutrality defined

If you’ve recently been keeping up with what’s going on in the world of technology, then you will likely have come across the term ‘net neutrality’. This is arguably one of the most popular tech topics of the year and it is important that a good portion of companies are up to date with it.… Continue reading Net neutrality defined

The net neutrality issue

Watch any news channel, or read any newspaper over a short time and it is almost guaranteed that you will come across the term ‘net neutrality’ at least once. In fact, over the past month or so, it really feels like this has become one of the most talked about tech terms of the year.… Continue reading The net neutrality issue