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  • Looking at OS X Energy Saver

    Looking at OS X Energy Saver

    Both desktop and laptop computers are essential to any business, but many of us know that these devices can use a lot of power, especially laptops which also need to charge batteries. While these machines are getting more and more energy efficient, many developers like Apple have introduced energy saving functions. If you use an […]

  • OS X 101: Energy Saver

    OS X 101: Energy Saver

    Over the past decade or so, Apple’s laptops have become increasingly popular with business users. From the svelte Macbook Air to the powerful MacBook Pro, you can guarantee that at least one person in your office has a Mac laptop in the house. As with all laptops you will want to configure how the device […]

  • Saving energy on your Mac

    Saving energy on your Mac

    From the Macbook Pro to the light Macbook Air, Apple’s laptops have become a popular device for many business users. As with all other laptops, these devices can run on battery power and being able to conserve this is worth knowing about. In fact, with all Apple computers there is an energy management feature that […]