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  • Spanning protects Office 365 data

    Spanning protects Office 365 data

    While what the cloud is about may seem a little foggy to many business users, a great many are already taking advantage of the collaborative power of such cloud platforms as Office 365. There is a big amount of trust and belief that data is safe in the cloud, however, there are security issues to […]

  • Spanning spans Office 365

    Spanning spans Office 365

    The tech climate for businesses is likely to be permanently cloudy for the foreseeable future, especially with the growing demand for Office 365. Collaboration and the cloud go hand in hand but what about protecting data along the way? While most business users believe their data is safe in cloud systems, problems can still occur […]

  • Spanning data protection for Office 365

    Spanning data protection for Office 365

    The cloud is hovering over many businesses, especially those who want to benefit from enhanced collaboration that Office 365 promises. Whilst data is protected in the cloud, issues can still arise with risks at the user end. The latest good news is that Spanning is looking to look after Office 365 data in 2015 and […]