Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Google+ offers Stories and Movies

You don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy sharing photos and videos. In fact, aside from personal family memories, you might also want to keep a photographic archive for your business. This could include shots of important corporate events which could be shown to customers or used to train employees in the future. Google… Continue reading Google+ offers Stories and Movies

Google+ Stories and Movies

Important events in business might want to be recorded, such as exhibitions, seminars and special events. You might want to show customers or use for training purposes at a later date. However, when you’ve uploaded all your photos and videos choosing a handful of pictures and videos can be more time consuming than you think.… Continue reading Google+ Stories and Movies

Google+ tells Stories and Movies

One of the best parts about a vacation is capturing shots to be shared with loved ones. Whether it’s a group photo, scenic views or a memorable moment. In business, you might want to preserve photos of a special corporate event such as an exhibition, training session or important visit. Sharing your photos just got… Continue reading Google+ tells Stories and Movies