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5 ways to prepare your employees for EMR


As a business owner in the healthcare sector, you’ll be familiar with “Electronic Medical Records” (EMR). But implementing an EMR system into your practice is a big decision, and will only work if you have the full cooperation of a majority of staff members, if not all. To avoid the struggles, and headaches EMR implementation, […]

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4 ways technology is helping healthcare

Group of geneticists working at media screen. Genetic engineering

As technology continues to evolve in the healthcare industry, new developments are being made to improve the quality of delivering patient care. Breakthroughs in treatments, communication systems, and information gathering have provided healthcare practitioners with new tools to better serve patients. With that said, here are some of the biggest impacts technology has made in […]

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How to prepare your business for VoIP

Young customer support representative looking at camera with smile

Businesses everywhere are embracing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Do you have a VoIP phone system in place? When it comes to transitioning your business from traditional phone lines over to VoIP, preparation is vital to seamless and successful implementation. Here are the key components […]

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How your business can prepare for VoIP


Companies wanting to stay ahead of the curve are implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to help drive productivity and reduce travel expenditure. When installed, VoIP allows you to connect to correspondents using broadband Internet. However, you need proper planning and network preparation before deploying VoIP – here are the key components you must consider […]

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Preparing your business for VoIP

Cropped shot of telecommunications workers sitting at their desks

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, is on the rise among businesses of all sizes, owing to its numerous benefits and advantages. It allows you and your employees to make and take phone calls over the Internet using your existing broadband connection, saving substantial amounts of money while increasing workflow efficiency. If you’re […]

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Choosing managed services for healthcare

tablet and bar charts in an abstract financial background

As the healthcare industry continues to embrace significant technological changes, healthcare providers need to keep up with the latest trends to deliver better patient care. That’s why more and more healthcare organizations are turning to managed services providers to lower costs and improve productivity. While this concept is on the rise, the services and level […]

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Save energy in your data center


Is your data center sucking up energy? Are the costs of maintaining your server rooms out of control? For many business owners, the server room and data center are foreign lands they’d like to pretend don’t exist. But whether you acknowledge it or not, they could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars every month. […]

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Reduce the costs of your data center


Data centers can be expensive, and they can suck up large amounts of energy fast. With that said, do you know how much yours is costing you every month? You may be afraid to find out the answer. Not to fear though, there are specific steps you can take to get your data center costs […]

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Save energy and expense in your data center


For many business owners, the server room is one of those places you’d like to ignore, pray there’s never a problem with, and otherwise pretend doesn’t exist. It’s a foreign world, and it may even be a bit scary to you. But your feelings towards it don’t change the fact that it has the potential […]

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BCP implementation challenges

Businesswoman presenting to colleagues at a meeting

Business continuity planning (BCP) is critical to all companies regardless of size. If disaster were to strike, an effective BCP would protect your valuable data and prevent your company from falling on its knees. Yet the implementation of a BCP presents challenges in itself. You need to address the following issues to ensure that your […]

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