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gloStream for healthcare businesses

Medical person typing

Healthcare professionals have always adopted high-end technology to provide better medical services to their patients. Whether it’s medical equipment, electronic medical records (EMR) or patient data management systems, they only use the best tools to ensure the safety and security of patients and their data. And when it comes to healthcare technology, gloStream is a […]

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Wireless technology reforms health care

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Healthcare organizations have an extremely dynamic work environment – doctors, nurses, staff and patients are constantly on the move. In spite of all the stress and pressure, the organization must do its best to lower costs while trying to improve patient satisfaction and safety. This is why healthcare administrators are increasingly relying on wireless technology […]

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3 new business intelligence tools


Technology is having an enormous impact on business. No matter what industry you work in, it is important to implement the right tools to support your business strategy and growth. But in this ever-changing world, technology is always on the move. That’s why a business owner like you should always be on the lookout for […]

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Latest BI technologies for businesses


In today’s technological landscape, companies increasingly rely on sophisticated business intelligence tools to help them to make better and more strategic business decisions. Applying the best technology to your practices can give you an edge over your competitors and increase the thing that matters to your business most – productivity. Read on to find out […]

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Modern BI tools for businesses


Business and technology are increasingly intertwined in today’s fast-paced world. What’s more, they offer a winning combination to propel your company or organization forward at an incredible pace. That’s why many businesses are now looking into innovations to take their productivity and competitiveness to higher levels. As a business owner, you have to prepare your […]

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vSphere 6: The new virtualization tool


In this era of ever-increasing technological advancement, many businesses have done away with their traditional ways of storing data and decided to go virtual, in order to save on maintenance costs and improve efficiency. There are many different types of software that get the job done, but for businesses that expect high standards, VMware is […]

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VMware releases all-new vSphere 6


For businesses, maximizing profit while reducing costs is one of the most important goals. Since many companies nowadays hugely rely on technology, investing in virtualization could be a worthy decision in the long run. VMware is a software company that has offered cloud services and virtualization software for businesses since 1998. VMware has recently announced […]

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VMware introduces the latest vSphere 6


Virtualization has taken a firm hold over most businesses, since companies can reduce their costs and improve IT efficiency by virtualizing data. And when it comes to virtualization, VMware is an industry-leading virtualization company that allows businesses to store their assets in an economical way. Recently VMware has launched vSphere 6, the latest version of […]

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Tablet tips for greater productivity


Think your tablet is only useful for your favorite Youtube videos, social media updates, or handheld gaming? Think again. Since their introduction, tablets have been synonymous with entertainment but, when properly incorporated into your business, they can boost productivity and help your business thrive. For SMBs, adapting tablets into your work environment can even open […]

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How to boost productivity with your tablet


Increasing productivity is one of the most crucial goals for small businesses, and this is where technology comes in. Tablets are merely leisure tools in the eyes of many users, good for games and movies but not much else. But actually these can be valuable productive tools in the office, too. The business community is […]

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