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What you need to know about Nexus 9


If you’ve been itching to get your hands on the latest Nexus device or Android OS, the wait is finally over. The Nexus 9 tablet features the much anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system as well as several other improvements. But is the Nexus 9 worth getting excited about? Is the Android 5.0 Lollipop as […]

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Bullet proof your online accounts easier


Protecting your information online is becoming increasingly difficult, and having a single password to secure it all is becoming less effective. That’s the big reason behind the invention of two-factor authentication. Yet anyone who’s used two-factor authentication knows how much of a hassle it can be. Well, it doesn’t have to be any longer. A […]

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Updates in Windows build 10149

Young Asian woman  using smartphone in garden, looking on screen.

While there have been rumours circling online about Microsoft’s plan to kill the Windows Phone altogether, the tech giant’s latest release for the Windows Insider Program – where users can sign up for an early build of the Windows OS – proves otherwise. Here we’ll take a look at the new build 10149 OS, a […]

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Why Managed Services boost productivity

900_Prod_ C

For many small and medium sized business owners like yourself, Managed Services may be a confusing topic. You’ve likely heard that they can lead to greater productivity and profits, but are unsure as to just how they do this. If you’ve been confused for long enough, today you’ll finally understand the process by which Managed […]

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Now you can backup WhatsApp on Drive


WhatsApp just got a bit better, with the introduction of integration with Google Drive. The feature, which was added as part of a new release back in April, allows you to backup the contents of the App – meaning your messages and more – to your Drive account, ready to retrieve at a later date […]

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Using technology to boost staff efficiency


Businesses that are winning in today’s marketplace are the ones that make technology work for them, not the other way round. When used correctly, technology can make every task much faster to execute, from communicating with customers to sending messages, gathering information, and more. So if you’re looking to increase staff efficiency, consider the following […]

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What’s new in Android M?


Google has finally unveiled information about its next Android OS at the recent Google I/O, the tech giant’s annual software developer conference. No official name has been chosen yet, but the so-called Android M comes with many new features that will make users rejoice. Here, we take a look at the new updates in the […]

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How to charge your iPhone’s battery faster


If you’re like most iPhone users, you’ve likely found yourself in the sticky situation where you need to charge your phone quickly, but only have access to a power supply for a short duration. While this can be a high anxiety producing situation for many, there is actually a way to speed up the rate […]

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4 useful features of the beta for Mac’s new OS


If you have yet to hear, Apple will be releasing their new Mac OS later this year known simply as El Capitan. For some, the best news is that you don’t have to wait till the fall to try it out. Apple has released a beta version that is available to test now by signing […]

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The different types of malware: explained


Ever been infected by malware or a virus? For most internet users, the answer is probably yes. But what is the difference between all the cyber threats out there? What makes a virus different from a trojan or worm? And how can you protect your critical data and your business from these threats? If you’ve […]

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