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Office 365 customized themes


Cloud-based solutions that are public oriented, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, offer a wide variety of features that the majority of business users want and need. As a result, the service tends to look the same for all and the ability to customize how Office 365 looks has often been a requested feature. In an […]

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New sites for Drive apps


Any Google user quickly comes to realize that the tech giant is not one to sit still. It seems like they are introducing a new feature or update on a near daily basis, especially when it comes to Drive which has seen it’s fair share of changes over the past few months. If you have […]

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How to avoid juice jacking!


What do you do when your smartphone needs to be charged but your charger is not at hand? A handy solution is to turn to a public charging kiosk. But what you might not be aware of is the fact that this can lead to juice jacking of your smartphone. To avoid this security threat, […]

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Computer monitor categories


Businesses today rely heavily on technology on a daily basis. And regardless of the industry you’re involved in, an essential piece of hardware is the computer monitor, whether used at work or in the home. While computer monitors come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors, did you know that they can also be […]

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Effective business impact analysis


While it’s important for businesses to perform risk assessments, it’s equally important to initiate a business impact analysis (BIA) in order to maximize business continuity. Why? Simply because the crux of any recovery is about whether it is achieved in a reasonable time, and BIA, if performed effectively, will determine exactly that. Knowing this, isn’t […]

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Taking better screenshots


As a business owner or manager there will be times when you need to take screenshots. While many of us know how to take a simple screenshot on our Macs, there are actually steps you can follow to take even better shots. If you have ever struggled with capturing an image, here are four tips […]

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3 Cloud service models


The cloud has become one of the most talked about, and arguably most important, tech concepts of the past decade. Many business owners and managers are aware of the benefits it can bring, but often stumble when they decide to implement a solution. It is really important to be aware of the different types of […]

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Useful Google Drive search operators


Google has a wide variety of apps and services, all of which are useful in one way or another. One thing they do better than most any other company however is search. Many of us use search operators on Google Search, but did you know that there are search operators you can use with Google […]

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Getting digital camera pics on Instagram


Businesses in many industries rely on visuals to sell their products. From that bicycle shop on the corner to the bakery down town, and even the local electronics retailer, having high quality images of your products will help attract customers. What many business owners want to know is how some businesses have such appealing images […]

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Overtype in Word 2013


Chances are high that you spend a good amount of time editing or compiling Microsoft Word documents. Regardless of what you are editing, there will come a time when you are working on a file and the words are replaced as you type new ones. This could cause some problems, especially if you are unsure […]

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