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How to protect your business from disaster


Think your business is immune to disasters? Think again. Disasters can strike without warning and, when they do, your company stands to lose more than just the time and money you’ll have to spend on data recovery and compensation. You could lose years of hard-earned reputation and trust from loyal clients – the two things […]

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New features for Google Calendar on Android

Daily planner with the entry Meeting

If you’re one of the many for whom Google Calendar has come to mean the difference between being on time and missing meetings altogether, but you refuse to budge in your love of Android devices, there’s good news for you. You can bid farewell to needing to put up with limited functionality compared to Google […]

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Now you can show up in Google search easily


We all know that showing up among the top Google search results is a great way to attract new business. But wouldn’t it be great if it was easier to achieve this? Now Google is taking the initiative to help small businesses get found online. It’s called Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map, and […]

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Why your Facebook page likes have dropped


Understanding the success of Facebook marketing efforts can quickly become complicated but, if there is one figure that’s critical to monitor on a regular basis, it’s the count of users who have liked your company’s page. This number helps you understand how far your messages are spreading, and what return you’re likely getting on your […]

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Suffer from PC slowness? Learn how to fix it


No one likes a slow PC. It makes you feel like you’re living back in the 1990s when waiting nearly a minute for a page to load was the norm. The technology problems of the ‘90s are gone for a good reason, and with them so should your computer slowness. But if you’re suddenly reliving […]

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The iPhone finally gets Google Calendar


Google has finally invented the missing piece in the jigsaw for iPhone users – the tech firm has completed its suite of apps by adding iPhone functionality to the popular Calendar App. Now you can schedule yourself to within an inch of your life, all without leaving your iPhone and without bothering with integration between […]

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Data warehouses drive business development


As a small business owner, you’re probably looking into ways to maximize profitability and minimize costs. In order to do that you must make good business decisions, and making sound decisions requires a thorough analysis of all relevant data. That kind of data can be found in a well-designed data warehouse. Businesses have to deal […]

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The New MacBook is ready to launch


Apple has reinvented its MacBook Air in response to users’ complaints about poor resolution. The latest product, named the New MacBook, corrects this issue and comes with a higher resolution, thinner body, and much more. The New MacBook made its debut at the Apple Watch event earlier in March. Here’s everything you need to know […]

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Office 365 may hold the key to an empty inbox


It’s Monday morning at the office, and you just came back from a lovely trip to Hawaii. It was a long overdue break from the technology, phone calls, and commutes of everyday life. As you settle into your office chair and open your inbox, your eyes widen as you realize it’s time to pay the […]

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