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10 popular virtualization terms


Virtualization, often defined as the act of moving physical systems to a digital environment, has become one of the most sought after tech improvements, especially for small to medium businesses. While virtualization is popular, it is still complex and has many potentially confusing terms associated with it. To help, we have created a short glossary […]

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RTO & RPO for continuity


Metrics are used in nearly every business process, including disaster preparedness and any business continuity plan (BCP) you might have at the ready. Businesses who are looking to ensure that their company will make it through any disaster successfully need to have an effective BCP with metrics like RTO and RPO in place. While both […]

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Facebook Messenger now on iPad


With the adoption of social media platforms like Facebook and mobile devices like the iPad, we have seen the way we communicate change drastically in a few short years. Facebook realized this a while ago and introduced a stand-alone messenger app. The only thing is: the app was only optimized for the iPhone, until now […]

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Android dos and don’ts


One of the biggest business trends is the idea of going mobile. With the heavy adoption of devices like Android tablets, business owners are able to connect with the office from nearly anywhere. This is great news and one of the mains reasons why so many businesses are thinking about adopting Android tablets at work. […]

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Creating an alias on


In many TV shows and movies about spies there is always one character with a great alias. When it comes to espionage, an alias is important, but it may seem less so for most business owners or managers. However, with Microsoft’s there is a great alias related feature that you may find useful.’s […]

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New features for Outlook Web Apps


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced an enhanced document collaboration experience with the Outlook Web App for Office 365 users. With collaboration becoming a vital aspect in most businesses, it’s for a comprehensive view of the added features of Outlook Web App that help simplify your email tasks and boost collaboration. Side-by-side view of documents and […]

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Suggested Edits introduced to Drive


The productivity suite is one of the most popular business tools. With an increasing reliance on the cloud, solutions like Google’s Drive are becoming popular. Drive’s apps – Slides, Docs, and Sheets – have been continuously improved with new features and updates. The latest features implemented include advanced editing tools that business users should really […]

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Mac and PC differences: Part 2


Now that we’ve looked into the differences between Mac and PC in terms of operating system, software and specifications, let’s continue to dig deeper in determining the differences between the two rivals. It is vital that you look into all aspects before deciding which one you want to go for since you’ll likely be using […]

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4 BYOD tips to improve security


A common issue many businesses face, regardless of their size, is that their computer systems and devices get progressively older and slower, unless they are constantly updated. This can frustrate some employees who may have up-to-date personal devices, so much so that they simply start to bring these devices into the office. The idea of […]

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