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  • Android in 2014

    Android in 2014

    In 2013, mobile devices were once again the top tech gadget, largely due to Android. From new high-end devices to two versions of Android, and new Google Nexus devices, it was a solid year for the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Now, all eyes are turning to 2014 and whether it will be an […]

  • Android trends for 2014

    Android trends for 2014

    Android has become one of the top two mobile operating systems, and is arguably the most popular if you look at the number of devices it is installed on. In 2013 we saw a number of new high-end Android devices released along with two versions of Android and new Nexus devices. Will 2014 top this […]

  • 6 Android trends for 2014

    6 Android trends for 2014

    Looking back, 2013 was a good year for Android. A number of powerful devices and tablets were released, making the platform the most popular of the year. This platform also saw two new versions of Android – 4.3 and 4.4 – released, making devices work that much more better. As we start 2014, many are […]