Technology Advice for Small Businesses

3 Efficiency boosters with 1 app

Has your business calendar kept you stuck in the office for too long? With clients to be met, files to be finished and emails to be responded to, you might feel like you are locked up at your desk all day without a key to escape. Microsoft’s Lync might be the communication tool that comes… Continue reading 3 Efficiency boosters with 1 app

Build a better business with Lync

Piled up tasks on your desk, meetings lined up on your planner, and a list of reports you need to deal with. Sound familiar? A busy schedule can create stress and leave you holed up in your office longer than you’d like. However, you can make office work interesting and keep productivity levels up with… Continue reading Build a better business with Lync

Lync business performance boost

Reports to be finalized hold you captive in your office; business meetings keep you in the conference room all day; and the ritual of exchanging ideas with your business partners keeps you locked up in your workplace. Break free and boost productivity outside of your office with Microsoft Lync, a messaging tool that allows you… Continue reading Lync business performance boost