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Now your Android Tablet can also be a robot

It’s a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon as you lounge on your beach chair in the Bahamas. You feel the warm ocean breeze on your skin while you attend a work meeting at your office in upstate New York. You tease your coworkers about the snowstorm they’re experiencing as they…wait a minute. How can you be […]

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Transforming your Android Tablet into a robot

What if you could be in two places at once? On that beach chair in the Bahamas and at an office meeting in Indiana simultaneously? Sound too good to be true? Maybe not. Telepresence robots are making this scenario more likely than you think. And with the power of the Android tablet, the future may […]

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How to turn your Android Tablet into a robot

The dream that robots would be an ordinary part of the future was once merely science fiction and cinema – indeed only movies such as Short Circuit or Wall-E, showed us a future where we interact with metallic beings casually. But recently, this vision has become a lot closer to reality. Very soon, you’ll likely […]

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