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  • Hangouts updated look and new feature

    Hangouts updated look and new feature

    For most new Android tablets, or those running Android 4.4 and newer at least, one of the stock apps included with all devices is Google Hangouts. This chat app is available across all Android devices and various Google apps like Gmail. It enables users to chat on a number of devices, and has recently been […]

  • Hangouts updated look and feature

    Hangouts updated look and feature

    On your Android tablet you likely have a number of messaging apps installed. One of the more common is Google Hangouts, which allows for cross-platform messaging, chatting, and even calling. In recent months, the app has been updated to not only increase usability and looks, but also implement new calling features. Looking at the new […]

  • New Google Hangouts released

    New Google Hangouts released

    The tablet, more specifically Android tablets, offer a wide variety of functions to business users, one of which is the ability to chat or even call other colleagues and customers. One app that enables this is Google Hangouts, which has recently been updated with not only a new look, but also enhanced calling features. Looking […]