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Drive has a new activity stream

One of the harder tasks a business manager or owner faces is keeping tabs on what employees are working on. This has become even more difficult to track, with so many systems going online and collaboration on an ever growing number of projects. Take for example Google Drive, which allows users to share files with… Continue reading Drive has a new activity stream

Drive gets new activity stream

As any manager knows, it can be a bit of a task to find out what your employees have been working on, or what documents they have recently changed. This is made even more challenging with the recent trend of companies relying on cloud-based document solutions that foster collaboration, with it sometimes being difficult to… Continue reading Drive gets new activity stream

New activity stream for Drive

Google is a big, diverse company with a wide variety of popular apps, such as Google’s file storage and document production app Drive. With Drive, users can create and share documents with one another, allowing for easier and more efficient collaboration. One problem with Drive is that it can be tough for a manager to… Continue reading New activity stream for Drive