Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Splitting your Google Doc into columns

At first glance, Google Drive is a powerful cloud-based office solution. Mixing the ability to share and create files, it’s proving to be a useful tool for many businesses. Take for example the word processor – Google Docs – it has many of the important features users need. There are a few features missing however,… Continue reading Splitting your Google Doc into columns

Google Docs tip – columns

Google has a variety of useful apps that businesses are integrating and increasingly relying on. One of the more popular apps is Google Drive and the connected document production apps. Google Docs has many of the same features as other word processors. That being said, there are some features missing, such as the ability to… Continue reading Google Docs tip – columns

How to add columns to your Google Doc

For a growing number of businesses, Google Drive and the included document creation apps, are the main apps used in the office. While Google Docs is a solid app, there are some important features present in other word processors that appear to be missing. One such feature is the ability to split your document into… Continue reading How to add columns to your Google Doc