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Gmail gets closer to Google+

When Google launched their social networking service Google+ in 2011, the company noted that they would fully back the service and turn it into a viable, if not the most important, social network. Over the past few years, Google has kept to its promise and taken steps to integrate Google+ into nearly every service they… Continue reading Gmail gets closer to Google+

Email Google+ connections

One of the biggest Google+ trends of the past year is the increasing integration of the social media service with nearly all of Google’s services. In early January this year, Google announced that Google+ integration with Gmail had been increased, with a new feature that allows users to email Google+ connections directly from Gmail. The… Continue reading Email Google+ connections

How to email Google+ connections

Google+ was launched in mid 2011, and social media-wise has more or less limped along for the past few years. Google has put their full weight behind this service though, and has been continually integrating it with their other services, making it an essential platform. One of the latest integrations is a new function in… Continue reading How to email Google+ connections