Technology Advice for Small Businesses

Easy dictation on your Mac

Sometimes it can be a challenge for business owners to sit down and physically type an email or report, especially when they need to multitask or refer to different windows or hard copies. It can be easier to simply dictate your thoughts. If you have an Apple computer with OS X Mavericks, did you know… Continue reading Easy dictation on your Mac

Continuous dictation on your Mac

Apple’s latest operating system – OS X Mavericks – features an Enhanced Dictation tool that can be used to help make your writing easier. This feature allows users to talk continuously without any time limit and can be used offline. It can also be used in conjunction with other OS X apps. If you are… Continue reading Continuous dictation on your Mac

How to dictate on your Mac

Almost annually, Apple releases an update to their popular desktop Operating System – OS X. Many of these releases implement new features, or improve upon existing ones. One example of this is the dictation feature which is presented in all new versions of OS X. This can be a useful feature for slow typers and… Continue reading How to dictate on your Mac