Technology Advice for Small Businesses

The case for Google Apps

There are a wide variety of business trends in place at any given time. One of the most prevalent over the past five years is the cloud. It seems like almost every company has at least one cloud system in place, with many more looking to implement more. A common solution for business owners is… Continue reading The case for Google Apps

Is Google Apps for Business worth it?

The cloud has become one of the most commonly implemented IT concepts for small to medium businesses. While the type of cloud service put in place does vary, one of the more common is the collaboration and document production suite, of which Google Apps is one of the most popular. While useful and affordable, many… Continue reading Is Google Apps for Business worth it?

Why go with Google Apps?

As cloud-based technology continues to become increasingly advanced, companies of all sizes are quickly finding that virtual or Web-based solutions are becoming increasingly viable. One example of a popular solution that businesses are turning to is Google Apps. While this solution is useful, some businesses are wondering what exactly it is and whether it can… Continue reading Why go with Google Apps?