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5 Affordable business systems


The end of the year can be a stressful time for all. Businesses are busy preparing to finish the year and are usually tied up planning for the year ahead. This often means looking for new, yet affordable, business systems that can make tasks and business operations easier. To help, here are five free or […]

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5 Useful business systems


As the end of the year approaches, stress levels go up within businesses. There is often the pressure to finish end-of-year reports and budget for the next year, not to mention that there can often be extra expenditure requirements during the holiday season too. This is also the time when many businesses begin to look […]

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5 Free or affordable business platforms


The holiday season can be stressful and expensive for everyone, employees and business owners alike. While it is great to start a new year, it can be tough to justify or find the funds for new expenses, even if there is a real need. Instead, you may want to look for cost saving tools that […]

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Prepare VoIP for the holidays


December is one of the busiest months for many businesses, especially those in the service industry. Because of this, you will likely see an increase in call volume and you need to make sure that your VoIP systems are ready to cope with this boost. To ensure that your calls sound clear you might want […]

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Is your VoIP holiday season ready?


It’s the holiday season, and regardless of the industry you work in, or where you are located, there is a good chance that during this busy time your phone systems will see an increased load. It seems that as the year comes to a close people want to communicate more, and so you need to […]

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Get VoIP ready for the holidays


The holiday season has begun and regardless of your location and industry, there is a good chance that you will see an increased call volume this month. In order to prepare, you should ensure that your VoIP system is ready for this call boost. To help, here are some useful tips that will make sure […]

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Do Not Disturb silences your iPhone


Small to medium business owners have come to rely on the iPhone as one of their main ways to stay connected with the office, and be productive while working remotely. The problem is, this can lead to constant connection with business demands, which can prove to be overwhelming. When you need a break the Do […]

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iPhone 101: The Do Not Disturb function


The iPhone has become an essential tool for small to medium business owners. While there are a ton of useful features and apps that make business and communication easier, there needs to come a time when we simply take a break from all the calls and notifications. That’s where the Do Not Disturb feature comes […]

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Setting your iPhone to Do Not Disturb


If you have an iPhone that you use for business it can be tempting to be constantly connected, after all, the device and various apps are designed to give users the ability to do almost anything. While this is great for business, it may not be ideal for a healthy work-life balance or if you […]

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Unthreading Gmail messages


Businesses around the world are finding that Gmail is one of the most reliable and portable email platforms out there today. With powerful tools that bring messages together and allow us to gain control of our Inbox, Gmail has become the platform of choice for many. One tool that allows us to keep better control […]

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