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How to lock your Mac easily for added security


Do you ever worry you may be leaving private information exposed on your Mac when you leave to grab a drink or use the bathroom? What if a nosy employee or thief jumps on your computer and sees or steals your confidential information? It may sound unlikely, but it can happen. So if you’re looking […]

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Leaving your desk? Here’s how to lock your Mac


Imagine it’s an ordinary day at your office and you decide to get up and leave your desk to grab a drink. You walk out the door, get what you need and are back 5 minutes later. You plop down into your seat, and immediately notice something is different. There are confidential documents open on […]

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The Ashley Madison hack and your company

You’re probably all too aware of the Ashley Madison hack by now. Maybe you are closely following the names and people involved, perhaps you don’t care or most likely you are somewhere in the middle. No matter where you find yourself standing on this issue, it should be used as a valuable learning tool for […]

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Learning from the Ashley Madison hack

The Ashley Madison hack is simply the latest case of a big time company having valuable data stolen. It’s a trend that shows no signs of subsiding, so you would be foolish to not pay attention to it. Want to know what your business should learn about security from this scandal? Here are three important […]

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Takeaways from the Ashley Madison hack


Regardless of what you think about the Ashley Madison hack, it is big news when it comes to data security. While your company may not be as big or deal with such a sensitive topic like Ashley Madison, you can still be at risk. This scandal can serve as a springboard to improving security throughout […]

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5 ways to prepare your employees for EMR


As a business owner in the healthcare sector, you’ll be familiar with “Electronic Medical Records” (EMR). But implementing an EMR system into your practice is a big decision, and will only work if you have the full cooperation of a majority of staff members, if not all. To avoid the struggles, and headaches EMR implementation, […]

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Access Chrome bookmarks from other browsers


Chrome might be among the most popular web browsers around, but it’s not the only one available. Even if you’re a Google fan and swear by using Chrome when you can, chances are you use a device that either doesn’t have Chrome installed or on which you simply prefer to browse via another application. And […]

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Need Chrome bookmarks elsewhere? Here’s how


You might be among the growing core of users who primarily surf the web with Google’s Chrome browser, but that doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally have cause to use one of its competitors. Whether that’s Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, and whether you do so out of necessity (because your device doesn’t have Chrome installed) […]

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Get your Chrome bookmarks in other browsers


Even the most fanatical Google fan has cause to use browsers other than Chrome from time to time. After all, while Chrome might have crept a long way up the popularity scale, there are still alternatives out there – among them Firefox, Safari and even Internet Explorer. Whether you prefer to use another browser on […]

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Hey Cortana! Windows 10’s new feature


Ever wondered what the Cortana thing that keeps showing up on Windows 10 is? It’s actually a digital voice assistant similar to Siri or Google Now. While you might be apprehensive about talking to your laptop, utilizing Cortana is easier and cooler than you might think. Here’s all you need to know about getting Cortana […]

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