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Is your phone safe from Heartbleed?

Almost two-thirds of the Web is vulnerable to Heartbleed-based attacks. This is regardless of the fact that major companies tried to address the problem by releasing updates. Considering the magnitude and severity of the problems that it can cause you and your business, you simply cannot afford to neglect or ignore this threat, especially if… Continue reading Is your phone safe from Heartbleed?

The Bluebox Heartbleed scanner

With the advent of Heartbleed, Bluebox released the Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner, a tool that can help smartphone users see if they are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Despite the fact that around two-thirds of the Web is vulnerable, nobody knows the full extent of the problems it has caused yet. The sooner you learn more… Continue reading The Bluebox Heartbleed scanner

How to stop Heartbleed

A new security problem, known as Heartbleed, has infiltrated the Internet and caused havoc to both large companies and individual users. Despite the efforts of major companies to release updates to counter its effects, the damage has still been enormous. What you need to do is learn more about Heartbleed and how you can counter… Continue reading How to stop Heartbleed