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OS X Mavericks ready to rip it up

June has become one of the biggest and most important months in tech. One of the reasons for this is Appleā€™s yearly developer’s conference where new tech and software are announced. This year saw a number of interesting products updated, including OS X, which although not the biggest announcement of the show, is important. Apple… Continue reading OS X Mavericks ready to rip it up

Here comes OS X Mavericks

Apple is widely known to produce devices and software with solid support and usability, in fact, they have built their name on easy to use systems. Their desktop operating system, OS X, is quickly becoming the go-to-choice for the younger generation and even some businesses. In late June, the company announced an exciting new OS… Continue reading Here comes OS X Mavericks

Ready for OS X Mavericks Braw?

In late June, Apple held their annual developer’s conference – WWDC – and announced numerous new products and updates. While many considered iOS 7 (Apple’s mobile operating system) to be the star of the show, there was a much smaller, yet equally big, announcement – a new version of OS X will be coming soon.… Continue reading Ready for OS X Mavericks Braw?