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Secure Google accounts with a USB key

Anyone who uses cloud-based services like Google Apps should be taking steps to ensure that their account is secure. One of the best ways to do this is to enable two-step verification, which requires users to enter a code and password when they log in. To strengthen security even further, Google has introduced a new… Continue reading Secure Google accounts with a USB key

Log into Google accounts with a USB key

If you use cloud-based systems in your office there is likely a good chance that you have worried about the security of these systems at least once before. Many companies, in an effort to make their cloud services more secure, have implemented two-step verification. Google is one such company and in an effort to enhance… Continue reading Log into Google accounts with a USB key

Google now allows USB key login

When it comes to the security of online systems, every security expert is quick to agree that two-step verification is a much stronger way to secure your accounts, especially when compared to using just a password. In fact, many suggest that if it is offered by an online platform, you should enable it. Google does… Continue reading Google now allows USB key login

Securing Google accounts

The security of your systems should be top-of-mind, especially with the ever increasing number of account hacks and malware attacks. For those with Google accounts, the risk of having your account information breached is always there, and it is therefore a good idea to take steps to ensure that your account is secure. To help,… Continue reading Securing Google accounts

Increasing Google account security

One truth about computing is that despite the various efforts you may make, there is always a chance that your data or account information will be leaked. It is because of this that many companies like Google have implemented stronger security controls. If you have a Google account, personal or business, there are a number… Continue reading Increasing Google account security

Ways to secure a Google account

For many business owners, the security of their accounts is paramount, especially when using cloud systems. Many systems, like those offered by Google, do offer strong security, but there is always a chance that information can be leaked, or accounts can be hacked. To help, you should be aware of the extra security measures available… Continue reading Ways to secure a Google account