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Google Glass coming soon!

Google is a company known for developing some pretty interesting products, none more so than Google Glass. This wearable computer, first introduced in 2012 and currently being tested by so-named Explorers, has garnered some intense interest from many quarters. While it is still in the testing phase there have been some new updates that point… Continue reading Google Glass coming soon!

Google introduces new Glass!

In 2012 Google introduced their wildest product to date: Google Glass. This wearable computer captured the interest of many individuals who wanted to try something different. The first edition of Glass was made available to just a select few users, who Google call Explorers. These Explorers have been testing the device and providing feedback for… Continue reading Google introduces new Glass!

New Google Glass introduced!

In 2012 Google wowed the world when they introduced their latest and most different device, Google Glass. This wearable computer was soon released to a select number of testers, called Explorers, to try the device and provide feedback. Google has been listening to their reviews and recently announced an updated Glass that could soon be… Continue reading New Google Glass introduced!