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  • Useful Google+ feature – Ripples

    Useful Google+ feature – Ripples

    Since its launch in 2011, Google+ has continued to grow in popularity and presence, largely due in part to Google integrating the service with nearly every other app they own. There is a good chance that the platform will grow in popularity exponentially in the coming years and businesses should be on it. One reason […]

  • A look at Google+ Ripples

    A look at Google+ Ripples

    Google launched their social media service – Google+ – in 2011 and has since put its full weight behind the service and implemented it into nearly every one of their services. Google has also introduced a number of features that make it a viable service for businesses. One such feature is Google+ Ripples, which gives […]

  • Google+ feature: Ripples – what is it?

    Google+ feature: Ripples – what is it?

    In 2011, Google launched their take on a social media platform – Google+. Since the launch, Google has continually integrated the platform into their other apps in an effort to make it one of the most viable networks for all users. In an effort to attract more businesses, Google has also implemented a number of […]