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Google Calendar feature: Quick Add

The calendar is a business owner and manager’s best and arguably most reliable productivity ally. These digital or physical tools allow us to keep track of topic due dates, meetings, etc. As so many of us have come to rely on digital devices like the mobile or even the computer, the calendar has also gone […]

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Using Quick Add on Google Calendar

Calendars are among the many useful business tools, with company owners and managers relying on them to plan their days, weeks, and even months. Simply put, without calendars, most of us would struggle to remain efficient and even manage our business. One of the most popular calendar apps is Google’s Calendar. One useful feature that […]

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Google Calendar’s Quick Add

There are a multitude of useful tools at a manager’s disposal and one of the most reliant is the calendar. Many of us rely on digital versions of the calendar to help us keep track of meetings, deadlines, and other important time-specific events. One of the most popular calendar apps is Google Calendar, which has […]

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