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This app is slowing down your Android


Most of us know that apps can drain battery and slow down your phone. But what if there was a single app that was sucking 20% of your battery, and potentially slowing its speed by 15%. For Android phone users, this looks to be the case. And unfortunately for all those social medial lovers out […]

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Delete this app for more Android battery life


When it comes to phone apps, many people use Facebook’s version multiple times a day. So it may cause you to cringe when you learn the dramatic effect it has on the battery life and speed of your Android Phone. You heard that right, the Facebook app is reportedly draining 20% of your Android’s battery […]

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This app is draining your Android’s battery


If you haven’t yet woken up this Monday morning, get ready for a cold splash of water to the face. For Android users, the Facebook app is draining 20% of your battery life and potentially slowing your smartphone by 15%, essentially making it a dumb phone. Shocking as this may sound, there is a way […]

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A new iPhone battery case from Apple


Apple’s new smart battery case recently hit the market with the aim of helping iPhone 6 and 6s users get a little more life from their battery. The release has come as a surprise to even some of the biggest Apple fans, since the product showed up with almost no fanfare. Don’t worry if you […]

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Apple’s new iPhone battery case


In one of the company’s most subdued releases, Apple recently unveiled a new smart battery case for its iPhone 6 and 6s. The product promises to help extend your iPhone’s battery life, and can give you up to an additional eight hours of Internet use or 10 hours of talk time. But before running out […]

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Apple releases its iPhone battery case


The battery on the iPhone 6 and 6s has become a source of contention for many users, who find themselves constantly looking for a place to charge their phone. In an attempt to remedy this problem, Apple has released a new smart battery case designed to significantly extend your battery’s life. Does it really work? […]

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Get more out of your laptop battery


Even in today’s world where electrical outlets are more numerous than ever before, there will still be times you need to push your laptop’s battery to the edge. Ever wish you could buy yourself a few extra minutes by extending your battery life? Here are a few tips to help you get every last drop […]

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Make your laptop battery last longer


Have you ever seen that your laptop battery life was in the red and started looking around frantically for an electrical outlet only to find nothing? It’s a pretty stressful situation, especially if you are working on something important. Here are a few things you can do to buy a few more minutes of life […]

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Tips to maximize your laptop battery

There is nothing quite as annoying as getting a message from your laptop that your battery is about to run out. Even with the longer lasting laptop batteries of today, there will be an occasion where you need every last second from it, and maybe even a little more. Here are some pointers on how […]

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Improve your tablet’s battery life


The modern tablet is designed to do almost anything. The internal components of some even rival low-end computers. While this is great news, there is one serious drawback: the battery. While our tablets are becoming increasingly powerful, battery life has remained generally the same – some tablets don’t even last a day. If you have […]

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