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Installing apps on your Phone remotely


Business leaders not only work with the latest tech gadgets but often have to learn how to manipulate several devices at the same time to better the business and control the organization’s operations with ease. The fact that many companies benefit from modernization is a real advantage to tech development and one efficient task that […]

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Manage your phone through your computer


It’s essential that businesses are able to surf the rising tide of modernization. The effort to be knowledgeable about the latest technology can help improve company productivity and often manipulation of several devices is necessary to optimize performance. For example, computers are capable of being used to easily send and install apps directly to your […]

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How to send an application to your phone


Today’s businesses work with multiple gadgets; utilizing modern technology to create smooth running operations and keep corporate systems going. Often a company will store reports and maintain a client database digitally, whilst working remotely and also using a computer to send and install applications to mobile phones. The question many Android users have is how […]

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Lost droid? Find it with Device Manager

Imagine this: You’re on the way home after a busy day at the office, and stop to pick up some groceries from the store. As you’re paying, you pat your pockets and realize that your trusty smartphone is missing. If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know it can be a hassle to find. Luckily, […]

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Locate cells with Android Device Manager

Imagine that you are coming home from the office after a long day and stop at the gas station. You pat your pockets to find your phone, only to notice that it’s not there. You’ve lost it. If this was an Android device, one would think that it will be hard to trace or find. […]

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Android Device Manager finds your phone

Have you ever been away from the office or home only to pause for a moment and realize that you’ve lost your phone? It may have been stolen or misplaced. If you have an Android device it could be hard to find. Luckily, Google has recently launched the Android Device Manager which aims to help […]

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Google Play updated, now even better!

Remember when you got that new Android tablet? While it might have been your very own personal gadget, it likely didn’t truly come to feel like yours until you downloaded the apps you needed and wanted. Apps are, for the most part, what make your tablet so useful, and you likely download them from the […]

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Google unleashes a new version of Play

An integral component of the modern tablet and smartphone is the software, or more specifically the apps. Apps provide users with the ability to interact with their phones and do virtually anything. The way the vast majority of users get apps onto their tablets is by downloading them from an app store. Google users do […]

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Google let’s new version of Play out

Possibly the main key to the astounding success of the tablet, and indeed the smartphone, is the app. Apps allow users to do pretty much anything from listen to music, surf the Internet, pay bills or even play games; they give a smart device its functionality. For the various mobile platforms, the main place to […]

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Scrolling and zooming on Android tablets

With the recent release of the Nexus 7 tablet, a powerful 7 inch tablet available at half the price of the iPad, many users are really starting to consider Android tablets as serious alternatives. Android tablets are made by different manufacturers but all run the Android OS. One of the main features of the OS […]

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