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Can’t Focus at Work? Try These Tips

It used to be that your work and personal time had clearly defined separation. You spent the day at work focused on your job and at the end of the day you’d turn your brain off, go home, cook dinner and relax. As a collective whole we seem to have lost our ability to focus. […]

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Sharpen your Focus, Get More Done

Multitasking has become common in the workplace. We often have our Web browsers using multiple tabs, switch between email, social media and work. Our attention is pulled in 50 different directions and we’re having trouble focusing on one task for more than five minutes. This lack of focus has led to longer, and less productive […]

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It’s Time to Reclaim Your Focus

With the multitude of devices at our disposal we have become a society of interconnectedness, and have seen once clear divisions of work and personal life blend into one. This has created an international society of workers who are experts at balancing a number of tasks, while never really being able to focus on one […]

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