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Nexus 6, 9 and Lollipop announced!

Google’s Nexus line of devices promises users a pure Android experience. This means that the operating system is exactly as Google designed it to be, unlike many other Android devices where manufacturers add their own layout and design. In mid October, Google announced not one, but three new Nexus devices that set a new benchmark […]

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Installing WP apps on an SD card

Windows Phone devices, while not as popular as other systems, have become a viable mobile system for many small to medium businesses. There are a wide variety of useful features available on the system these phones use, including the ability to move or install apps onto a MicroSD card. If your device has an SD […]

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5 Ways business security is flawed

Business owners and managers are becoming increasingly worried about the security of their systems and networks. While the vast majority have implemented some form of security, this may not be enough. In fact, we have helped a number of businesses with flawed security measures in place. The issue is, how do you know if your […]

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5 Common security issues

It’s probably safe to say that the security of your networks and systems is something you are concerned about. In truth, the majority of businesses do have security measures in place. The question you therefore need to ask yourself is if the measures you have implemented are sufficient enough. To help answer that question, here […]

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How to clean your computer

Take a look at your computer screen or mobile device. Chances are that at least one of them is slightly dirty, possibly along with your keyboard or laptop as well. It is inevitable that your computers and mobile devices will eventually get dirty with dust and grime, what’s important is that you know how to […]

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Cleaning your devices

Chances are good that if you look down at your keyboard, or at your monitor, or even at your most used mobile device, one of them will be a little dusty and grimy. It really is inevitable that your computer or devices will get dirty and therefore it’s important that you take steps to keep […]

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3 ways to use social media

As a business owner, chances are high that you are aware of social media and even have your business established on one or more services. While this is a great start, many businesses often struggle with how exactly they should be using social media to their advantage. If this sounds like you, here are three […]

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8 tips for backing up your data – Part 2

Many businesses are constantly facing a potential disaster. It could be a major fire that wipes out your business, or something as simple as accidentally deleting an important spreadsheet. Regardless of the severity of the potential disaster, businesses need to be prepared and one of the best ways to prepare is to back up your […]

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Edit photos directly in Google Docs

Are you looking for an office suite that you can access on any computer with an Internet connection? That’s what Google Docs is all about. It’s free to use and it only requires for you to have a Google account. There’s no need to save your documents on your flash drive or other storage as […]

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Editing pictures in Google Docs

Google Docs is the versatile online alternative to Microsoft Office suite. Create word documents, slide presentations and spreadsheets on your web browser using your Google account. The files are saved in the cloud so you can access them anywhere with an Internet connection. Sharing and collaboration with other people is as quick and easy as […]

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