Office 365 trial extended 60 days

When it comes to office solutions that operate largely in the cloud there are two main competitors: Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Generally, Google has been the cheaper of the two, but a recent price hike makes Google Apps for Business more expensive. This has upset some users and Microsoft has responded by making Office 365 a little more enticing.

After Google’s announcement on December 7, Microsoft jumped in quickly and announced they would be extending their free-trial period by 60 days. When a new user signs up for, or is interested in, Office 365, they are now given a trial period for 90 days.

This extended trial period works in two ways: Firstly, businesses that buy a copy of either Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010, or Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and activate it will get a 90-day free trial of Office 365 Small Business Premium, with support for up to five users.

The other way businesses can take advantage of the offer is by going to the Office 365 website and signing up for the 90-day trial. If businesses choose this route, they will be able to download Office 365 Small Business with support for up to 10 users and be able to try it out for three months.

It’s pretty clear that this new offer is largely aimed at Google users who are unhappy with the recent price changes. Office 365 is a great alternative that can help many companies grow. If you are interested in switching over to Office 365, please contact us, we may have a solution for you.

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