Why gloEMR has the best usability

Now that usability testing is part of the electronic medical record (EMR) certification criteria for meaningful use Stage 2, EMR usability is suddenly all the talk—and according to a diverse group of industry insiders, one of the greatest concern is errors.

The problem? Physicians are worried that they might select an EMR that turns out to be hard to use. That, in turn, could decrease time physicians spend with patients. As a result, physicians get frustrated and may rush—and that could lead to errors.

“I really think it’s a good step for ONC to start pushing the vendors toward more user-friendly systems,” says Robert Tennant, senior policy advisor for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

How does gloStream’s flagship product—gloEMR—stack up? it’s based on Microsoft Office technology, most physicians already know how to operate it. Top that off with a user-friendly dashboard, and you have one of the most usable EMRs on the market.

gloEMR also answers another usability common concern: training. gloStream uses an innovative implementation process called gloStream Detailed Needs Analysis, or gloDNA. During this process, gloStream gathers information to help create an ideal EMR solution and help practices get back to full patient load within 15 days. It’s a guarantee.

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