ERP Strengthens the Supply Chain

Maintaining market share in a competitive landscape requires that manufacturers and distributors process and deliver orders faster—without losing accuracy and maintaining legal compliance. Only a dynamic operating environment that can manage real-time information flow across supply-chain will keep pace.

Connected systems
To achieve that real time flow of information, companies have to contend with integrating all the systems that control customer, supplier and production functions. That’s where enterprise resource planning (ERP) can provide the connection point and deliver a “single version of the truth” to your employees across the globe.

In addition to managing transactions, resources and employees, today’s ERP solutions use flexible web integration services to make it simple and quick to connect with outside applications. Suppliers, logistics providers and customers can be connected to enable real-time data exchange and collaboration.

This unique ability to integrate external business processes across multiple systems makes it possible for manufacturers and distributors to respond quickly to changing customer and supplier demands.

Supply chain optimization
The powerful inventory management tools in today’s ERP systems improve forecasting and planning, so supply and inventory levels can be adjusted quickly to accommodate customer demand. Access to real-time data gives managers the information they need to make fast decisions that optimize the supply chain. And ERP automates dealing with the complexities of regulatory compliance to reduce risk.

With today’s ERP solutions, effective, cost-efficient and dynamic supply-chain management is within reach of any company – regardless of size.  The opportunity for smaller companies to compete and win against big companies has never been greater.

Let’s talk about how you can take your business to the next level with superior supply chain management. Take on the big guys and win.

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