ERP: Simpler and More Important Than You Think

The days when Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were only in reach of companies with a few million dollars to throw into the implementation are over, but the image still persists. ERP is often thought of as expensive, cumbersome and more than a small or medium-size business needs.

The new face of ERP
Today, there are ERP systems specifically built for mid-market businesses. Taking the lessons learned from the past, ERP systems are now more affordable, user friendly and quick to implement. Those businesses ready to take advantage of the power of ERP will find competitive advantage that can propel growth and productivity.

Take on big competition
Without an ERP solution to give you specialized functionality and consolidated insight into your whole business, you can’t compete on the same level as your larger competitors. Your competitors can meet complex purchasing requirements of big box stores to handle volume-building orders. They can monitor trends in sales and costs to predict demand and adjust production.

With an ERP solution, you can level the playing field with functionality like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to manage electronic purchasing. Centralized data will give you new insight into the revenue and cost side of the business – without days of spreadsheet consolidations.

Grow the company with the same number of people
Because ERP systems have become simplified and user friendly, they deliver real productivity gains. Your employees will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks like writing up invoices and counting stock. You can put their skills to work growing the business while automated processes manage the details.

Take the next step
Let’s talk about how simplified ERP can help you grow. Take on the competition with systems that support the connected economy and fuel productivity.

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