Businesses should consider Apple

Apple has long been popular with the designer crowd, producing sleek and beautiful computers and software that turns out equally beautiful output. In the past few years, starting with the introduction of the iPhone and more powerful computers like the Macbook Pro and Mac Mini, Apple has started to grab the attention of small businesses and regular consumers alike.

According to a recent report published by Asymco, there is 1 Mac sold for every 16 PCs – every other non-Mac computer – sold. At first glance, 16:1 isn’t the greatest ratio, but, upon further thought, that’s an amazing ratio considering Macs are made by just one company, while the number of PC makers are near countless.

To make the numbers even more impressive, the ratio of Macs to PCs sold was 1:50 in the early 2000’s. In a little under 10 years, Apple has managed to gain impressive ground against every other manufacturer.

While these two ratios are on an international scale, the ratio in the United States is 1:3, meaning for every one Mac sold, there’s 3 PCs sold; truly impressive. It’s forecasted that this ratio will be seen, eventually, in almost every country Apple sells computers.

It should be noted that these ratios are for every kind of user – personal, business, government and school. The number of businesses using macs is on the rise, as is evident by the growing availability of small business related software for the Mac OS. Beyond that, the ability to run Windows on your Mac is a big bonus for companies that still need Windows based software.

From what we can see, Apple is gaining ground on PC, and it’s entirely possibly that within a few years, the ratio will be equal. Combine this with the increasing number of applications utilizing the cloud and Apple computers become a seriously viable option for small businesses. If you’d like to know how you can integrate Apple’s computers in your company, please contact us.

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