BlackBerry email functionality on iPhone

One of the most popular phones for professionals has been the BlackBerry. It’s a high chance that we knew someone who was addicted to their “CrackBerry”, constantly checking their email, or texting with colleagues while out of the office. Then came the iPhone, and many professionals have moved on, only to wish their shiny new iPhone had some of the great features of the BlackBerry.

Here’s how you can get some of the email features of BlackBerry devices on your iPhone.

Auto complete text
With a physical QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry is ideal for typing long emails, even more so with the ability to specify common phrases and short codes e.g., typing ‘tdy’ could put today’s date. You can do this with the iPhone as well by going to: Settings, General, Keyboard and selecting Shortcuts. Type the full phrase into the Phrase field, and the shortcut into the Shortcut field.

Blinking indicator light for new emails
One of the most useful features of the BlackBerry is the LED light that blinks in different colors, depending on the notification i.e., red for new message. While you can’t set the iPhone’s LED light to flash different colors, you can get it to blink when you have a new notification. Navigate to Settings, select General and tap Accessibility. Select LED Flash for Alerts.

Specific notification
As many small business owners get over 100 emails a day, it can be annoying to see a constantly blinking light. With the BlackBerry, you can set it so the LED blinks only when you’ve received an email from a certain person or group. While you can’t do this with the current software version of the iPhone – iOS 5.0, the impending iOS 6.0 will allow you to set the phone to notify you only when certain people email.

Compose email quick key
Being able to quickly view and reply to an email is a speciality of BlackBerry devices, and many smartphones, the iPhone included haven’t been able to beat it. It is a relatively painless process to compose a new email on your iPhone, simply press the Home button followed by email and Compose.

While it seems to be that BlackBerry devices have had their time in the spotlight, there are many loyal users who have had to switch devices due to necessity. Many of these users probably wouldn’t go back to a BlackBerry if they had the choice, especially if they have similar features on the new devices. If you’d like to learn more about how to use the iPhone for business, please contact us.

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