Inventory control for competitive advantage

For distributors and manufacturers alike, the challenge of keeping the ‘right” amount of stock is central to operations. As customer expectations continue to rise, inventory management provides competitive advantage for those who get it right. Those companies without good controls face:

  • Overstock. Excess inventory lowers turnover and ties up cash.
  • Stock-outs. Backorders, lost sales and dissatisfied customers result when stock is out.
  • Accurate stock information. When the quantity in the warehouse doesn’t match what’s in the computer, employees get frustrated and customers get mad.
  • Inventory lost in the warehouse. It’s not good for business when stock is “out there somewhere” but can’t be found right now.

Improve inventory management and competitive advantage
Implementing an ERP system to better manage inventory can give you a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, effective inventory management will maximize net profit by minimizing your inventory investment.

With automated management of the inventory that is already in your warehouse, stockroom or store, you will:

  • Know what kind and how many of each item you have.
  • Know exactly where each item is located.
  • Ensure inventory stays in salable condition.
  • Minimize the cost of filling customer orders.

Customers expect you to know what stock you have and be able to deliver it when promised. With an ERP-based inventory control system you can maintain the right quantity of the right item in the right location at the right time.

Let us help you find the right balance with effective inventory management with an affordable ERP system that helps you deliver on-time and on-budget.

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